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Hi is anyone out there applying to the el centro nursing program for fall 2012? Would you share points and which campus you're choosing ? :)... Read More

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    I took statistics at UTA. It was called math 1308 though. Does anyone know if it is equivalent to the statistics math 2342?

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    Quote from 2bAgr8RN
    @Slopez205 and RNNelson79...this info is what was given to me at the info session in April. The additional 9pts come from these BSN courses...
    math 2342-(which is stats)
    hist 1302 and 1302
    govt 2301 and 2302
    soci 1301
    anth 2346
    engl 1302 and 2311(tech writing or any 2000 or above english)
    This point system also favors me as well so I'm hoping for the best
    Hmm, well I've got all but stat and anthropology. I was looking at UTA's RN-BSN courses and anthropology isn't one of them. I thought that's what the additional points would be going off of? Wonder why we need to take anthropology or if one of my other bazillion classes I took while in undergrad would count...
    Well, 7 out of 9 out of the gate isn't bad. No complaints so far
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    El Centro's BSN bridge program is through UTA so I'm sure you'll be fine.
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    What's the Math section like on the Hesi?
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    These courses need around 2 years to complete... So the adn program now requires like 4 years to complete. This is not fair to freshmen at all. What do you guys think?
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    It's great for those who've graduated with a bachelors already- and bad news for those who have not, and who have been hustling taking the Pre recs and support courses and thinking they're ready to apply. I guess a lot of people will be turning to Brookhaven etc. who don't have these BSN classes taken already. I'll admit it's pretty strange since it is an associates degree and not everyone wants to go for the BSN. On the other side, it's a less pricey way of achieving the BSN in the end.
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    Mail just came today ... nothing in there from El Centro yet Hopefully tomorrow.
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    I just talked to the Admissions Office (receptionist) and she said that the letters have not been mailed yet. They were waiting for the Dean of the department to get back from a conference and they will probably be mailed out Thursday or Friday (5/3 or 5/4). She was very nice and helpful!
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    I have a BA as well. So the new point system will be in my favor as well.
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    i just went in person during my lunch break and she told me the same. she also said that the new information packets aren't going to be ready for a while because they are still making changes. our best bet is to attend the info session on monday, 5/7. @ rnnelson79, i know why they're working on getting everyone bsn ready. i work for a company downtown that owns and operates hospitals in 11 states. my neighbor also works in hr for baylor. i also volunteer in the er at doctors' white rock. i have heard from all of these sources that going forward, they will only be looking to hire bsns. they will consider adns with considerable experience, and they won't even look at lvns.

    so it makes sense that they would eliminate the need for students waste time getting certified in a medical field to get those extra 2 points of experience when they could be working toward their undergrad credits.

    twu and uta don't even take medical experience into account so el centro is preparing students to be ready for the transition more quickly.

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