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Hello all! I'm new here and have not seen a post for El Centro spring 2014. I was originally planning to apply for fall 2014, however I just heard that the point system and prerequisites have been revised! Now I will be able to... Read More

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    Gr8txrn2b you got it right? ...just want to make sure I'm not getting everyone's emails mixed up lol

    22points before the hesi is great! That's is about how many point my hubby has! I am hopping for 12 points on the Hesi as well! I will still only have 28 points then though. Lol

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    Thak you ladies for emailing me the updated list. I am going to submit my application for Fall of next year. taking a few more classes so i will have 8 extra points. Keeping my fingers crossed Good luck everyone.
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    LOL jetergirl...i still did not receive it yet....my email is karma1girl@yahoo.com I'll check again tomorrow night. My HPRS class at el centro started today so i went to the office to see if they had a print out of the updated info and of course they didn't.
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    @gr8txrn2b- Which HPRS class are u in? My class started yesterday too.
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    @jetergirl...i got your email and with my current hesi score i have a total of 27pts. I have another test scheduled for august so if i get 12pts on it then i will max out at 32pts!
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    Hi AKing21...I'm taking HPRS 1204
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    @gr8txrn2b- yea I'm taking that class also. Are you in Darwin/Galloway 12:45 class?
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    my class is @8am and ms G is my teacher
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    I am in the 12:45 class, would someone email me a copy of the new points system? sfaprincess@hotmail.com
    Thanks so much!
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    Does anybody know specifically what's different for the Spring application?

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