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  1. I may be looking to move to DFW area and was wondering what the job climate was like. I am working in a Level I trauma center now and would definately like to stay in the ER. I am originally from Arizona and when I was there I know the option to work with companies that did daily work assignments at various hospitals. I'm not sure if I would be better to get a staff position or have the flexibility of working daily assignments. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
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  3. by   nurse2033
    can you post in the Region section?
  4. by   mommyRN09
    The Level I trauma centers in Dallas are Parkland and Baylor University Medical Center. JPS in Ft. Worth is also Level I, and Children's, right across the stress from Parkland, is a Level I pediatric trauma center. Parkland is a state hospital and known for being very busy where you will see a LOT. They also have one of the largest burn units in the nation.
  5. by   jadu1106

    Hi, do you work at Parkland? I am a new nurse trying to get into Parkland and have had no luck even with follow-up calls with HR. I am really interested in working at Parkland...just don't know why I am not getting a call back.
  6. by   mommyRN09
    No, I don't work at Parkland, though I would love to. Parkland is notorious for not calling people back. They get hundreds upon hundreds of applicants for maybe four or five spots sometimes, and can afford to be picky right now. I applied for three of the residencies and never heard anything back. I even called the recruiters several times a week. (I'm pretty sure they wrote me off as a stalker, but hey, it's hard not to be when you're desperate...) I did numerous clinicals there and even had a couple of their managers make a recommendation call for me, but no luck. Keep trying if that's where you want to be, but definitely be looking elsewhere as well. Hang in there; I was there 6 months ago and I know how frustrating it can be right now!! If you find a job somewhere else you can always apply to Parkland again later after some experience. That's my plan right now. Good luck!