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    I have applied for the seton versant program that starts in October. My application has been forwarded, but I wanted to find out if anyone has worked in the Pedi ER...if you have do you happen to have the nurse manager's contact info.

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    What state is it in?
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    Sorry it is in Austin, TX
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    I'm a nursing student in Austin and just did my rotation in the Pedi ER/PICU at Dell's and I have to tell you that this hospital is absolutely incredible. There is always enough staff in the ER and there is huge team work by everyone and the charge nurse i was with made sure to pull me from rooms to see different things. Its a newer hospital, VERY nice, staff is the best I have ever seen anywhere, they have child life specialist there and I can't say how great this hospital is. If you get the job there you will love it. I loved the ER and PICU
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    Woops! I forgot. Just call the hospital main line and ask to speak with the nurse manager of the pedi ER. They don't list it on the site so you just have to call the main line and they will forward you. I have to do the same with other hospitals
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    Austin is a wonderful city- even if the Dell job doesn't work out, there are a lot of really good facilities there
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    I got it thanks.