Dallas RN looking to work in clinic/office setting. Any suggestions?

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    Hello all,

    I have one year combined experience as an intermediate care and medical telemetry nurse. I'm certain that I no longer want to work at the bedside. I'm very interested in working with patients in a county health unit, public health, physician office, ambulatory clinic, or pretty much anything outpatient. I love patient teaching and would like to give patients the educational tools necessary to maintain good health. I have applied for several RN positions in clinics and physician offices, but it seems like everyone wants a RN who already has clinic/office experience. Does anyone have a lead on an available position? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, there. Have you tried any of the CareNow clinics? They are located all over the D/FW area and are always looking for nurses, although the pay tends to be lower than what a hospital staff nurse would get paid.

    In addition, Healthsouth is always looking for experienced nurses to staff their pain clinics and sleep labs, so this might be another possibility for office work.
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    Hello Commuter,

    Thanks for replying! I have applied to CareNow and every other urgent care clinic I could find. I've also applied to pretty much all of the hospital clinics. I've applied to a few doctor's offices and the county clinic. I haven't applied to Health South. I'll look on their website and see what I can find. Thank you.
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    Imaging centers also use RNs to start IVs, infuse the contrast medium into patients, explain procedures, and accompany patients. Advanced Imaging is one such center. They are located in Desoto, and I believe they are only open during regular business hours.
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