Cook Children's Pediatric Nurse Residency 2013

  1. Hiya all!

    First time poster, long time lurker.

    So, I will soon be graduating in May of this year (2013) with my BSN and have an opportunity to interview for the CCMC Pediatric Nurse Residency.

    Does anyone who has interviewed for this program have any helpful hints/tips/suggestions for an interviewee? Expectations/preparation/comments/anything and everything?

    I'm all ears for any general tips for an interview as well.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   foxyhill21
    I do not know anything about cooks. But have you looked into children's in Dallas. Their program is great and you will get a lot of experience.
  4. by   dreambig19
    have you heard anything from Cook Children's after interview or know of anybody who has?
  5. by   dr_nurse
    We're officially supposed to know today whether we got the job or not (getting called= job, getting email=better luck next time). But I know of some people who got called this past Tuesday (March 18). So my automatic, worst-case-scenario conclusion is that they called everyone who got the job on Tuesday and let everyone else suffer and wait until sometime today.
  6. by   dreambig19
    never received a call or email... did you?
  7. by   cass1320
    Hi guys! I'm graduating with my BSN in August and I'm hoping to apply for the September Residency. Can any of you tell me anything about the application process and interview? I just recently finished my pedi clinical rotation at school and have absolutely fallen in love with it and I've been furiously researching potential jobs since then. I read in the CCMC newsletter from 2009 that they have 15 spots for each cohort and 80 applicants. I'm guessing it's gotten more competitive since then, so if anyone has any advice as to what could give me an edge, I'd be more than grateful!
  8. by   Jooliaghoulia
    Hi! Did you ever apply for the September cohort? Any luck? Are you sure about the 15 spots? I'd heard it's grown since then.
  9. by   beepeaceful
    Hi guys! Has anyone who applied for the September cohort heard anything yet? I know that with previous cohorts, they made calls the Friday of interview week (ie. a week before the notification deadline) but maybe this year they are waiting? Just curious! Thank you
  10. by   cass1320
    I haven't heard anything yet either. Please let me know if you hear anything else.
    @Jooliaghoulia, I know for sure that there's only 15 spots, one of the current nurse residents mentioned it to me during the tour. However, this is the first year that their doing a September cohort, so its smaller than the June cohort, which had about 25 spots.
  11. by   beepeaceful
    @cass1320, I will absolutely let you know if I hear anything - please do the same! Also, I didn't realize there were only 15 spots. Thank you for the information and good luck! Fingers crossed for both of us!
  12. by   smj1013
    @beepeaceful and @cass1320, do you know how many applicants there were? I'm so anxious to know whether they let people know earlier in the week or only on notification day 7/19. Good luck to both of you! Be as positive as possible, that's what I'm doing :-)
  13. by   beepeaceful
    @smj1013, I was wondering the same thing - I have no idea how many applicants there were! I talked with someone in HR a few months ago and they said that in past years, they have had approx. 150 applicants, 65 interviews and about 20 residents. I'm thinking, though, that there were probably fewer applicants for our cycle since it's their first time doing a Sept cohort. Either way, I'm incredible anxious too! The waiting game is so difficult but I'm also trying to stay positive. According to posts from previous years, they have let people know before the notification day. I don't know if that's going to be the case for our cohort, but either way I'm trying to say positive! Please keep us posted and we'll do the same! Good luck to you too!
  14. by   Jooliaghoulia
    Thanks Bee and Cass! R/t the 15 spots- someone in my RN school cohort was also interviewed, and was told that they took 21 (???) in the May/June cohort, but 5 of them will be in the September group!! She was also told they interviewed far less people than they had in previously. How many fewer, we don't know- but the resident said you have about a 1 in 6 chance. That would stink; hopefully she's just not good at math haha.

    I've been chewing on those comments big time- is that there were 25-26, then 5 to September, leaving 21 in the May/June, and just 10 (!) for September? Or the 5 May/June people are in the Sept cohort, still 15 spots, so 20 total residents for Sept? Arrrgghhh!!

    I've tried to get clarification from the source, but that's all she knows- the resident who toured her said 21 in May/June, and 5 are in the Sept group because they were given the option of either May/June or September as a start date. In a way it makes me feel a little better if I don't get it. The worse case scenario of 10 spots and 1 in 6 is pretty harsh, so I don't feel like I just barely missed it.

    tick tock tick tock...i wish they'd just tell me either way!