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So I just got out of the Army. I'm looking at going to Concorde for personal reasons for LVN program then afterwards to community college for LVN to RN bridge. The hours are Mon thru Fri...8am-6pm.... Read More

  1. by   kell374
    I am going through the samething, I only have a 3.32 GPA and the college wants a 4.0. But atleast if I go to Concorde in Arlington,Texas I'll have half of my goal completed! I have to work, and have not choice on that. And I looked at the website: Board of Nursing for the State of Texas, Concorde is an approved school for the LVN program. So I was happy with that. I'll work my 6 months then bridge over for the RN program. Good luck for those who have to work it that way.
  2. by   watermelonchoochoo
    Hi there, I'm currently in the position you were in. Took my prereq's at TCC didn't get accepted (duh). I'm going back to Concorde for a second follow up for their LVN program. I really need help on information for finding a job after graduation, (How/Where do I apply? How did you find a job? Where can I work in the DFW area...). I have two boys (1 and 3) and while doing research I kept reading forums of how hard it was/is to find a job with the diploma. I just want to be fairly certain that I can support my family soon after the debt I will receive.

    Anything Information will help!
    Thanks so much!
  3. by   watermelonchoochoo
    Hi I am in the same place you were in, can I email you for some questions?
  4. by   mgray30
    I was reading these messages from '09.. Actually Concorde is one of very few accredited by the Texas Nursing Board.. Their program is accelerated which means you don't spend 2 yr on a worthless degree just to take the NCLEX through the state. Research research research!