collin college wait list fall 2011

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    is anyone else on the collin college wait list for fall 2011?

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    I am also on the wait list for Collin's Fall 2011 semester. I have an appointment on Wednesday to find out where I am on the list. Do you know where you are on the list? It seems like almost everyone I know was wait listed.
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    i find out tommorrow.
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    Me too. My appt. is on Thursday afternoon. Nursesme, I know your SIL!
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    I have my appointment tomorrow too. Adf96, it's a small world! Do you have a class with her?
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    Me too! :uhoh21: Has anyone heard anything yet??
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    I got a call yesterday!!!
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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! THAT IS GREAT NEWS!!! I'm SOOO HAPPY for you. Do you mind sharing what number you were on the list?? I'm keeping the faith....
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    I was first on the list. Do you know your position? TWU notifications went out this week....maybe that will free up a few spots. I am taking an evening class for micro and no one in my class even applied, so I haven't heard of anyone else getting in off the wait list. I've heard on average 5-7 people get in off the list, but I am not sure where that "rumor" comes from!!
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    Oh ok!! I was told that I was close (in the top 20). Ive heard the same rumor about a few people being called from the waiting list. I'm still hopeful!!! So far, you're the only person I know of to get a call so far.

    Congratulations again!!!

    Hopefully I'll see you on the 29th!!

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