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by pepper35

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I recently applied to the nursing program for Spring 2013 but have not been a student at Collin College. I have heard numerous things about how you get accepted, the importance of the PSB score, whether or not you have a degree,... Read More

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    I think I'm going with a Classic II 28 inch.. Maybe raspberry in color.
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    I am so excited to have finally purchased my first stethoscope!! I know it's silly!
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    I understand! I have to wait until Christmas to get mine. My dad is a firefighter/paramedic so he wanted to get it for me. I grew up in a house full of girls so anytime we want something he knows about he gets excited and wants to buy it for us. Mine has been order just have to wait to get it! What color did you end up going with?
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    ashnix 21, re: flu, hep final shot (In my case it was the Hep-A), and TB all the same day? No problem. I had mine 2 weeks ago, no issues at all.

    See you on Friday morning!
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    And if you think you have problems finding white shoes, try finding men's shoes that are all white - and size 11. I've seen the Dansko and Sanita professional in white, and people swear by them, but I do not thing we are allowed since they are sort-of clogs, even though they have a closed heel. That's one thing I am going to ask about for sure on Friday. And I hope the scrub brand they go with has some male-specific scrubs - we are not exactly the same shape as you females. I also hop they are are not those thin whites (you'll freeze, as well as the "see thru" effect), or the "unisex" scrubs since those do not fit me well at all.

    Its going to be a big adventure. I remember from my volunteer time as a CNA back in Colorado at the Veterans Administration coming home some days from the full-care nursing home and I had to get undressed in the garage - you pick up some pretty unique funk from vomit, c-diff poo, and colostomy bags, and it takes 2-3 shampoos to get that smell out. I think I will simply shave my head to keep the smells out of my hair.
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    I wore white Dansko all the way throughout the program. The scrubs are burlap heavy and yet still see-through. Hated 'em.
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    Thanks ColoradoRocky! I went and finished up all my vaccines today and go back to finish my tb screening on Thursday morning. See you guys Friday!
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    I am finishing up my TB too on Thursday! Excited to meet everybody! Don't freak out when you see the pregnant lady walk through the door
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    Quote from not.done.yet
    I wore white Dansko all the way throughout the program. The scrubs are burlap heavy and yet still see-through. Hated 'em.
    Thanks for the info on the Dansko - its one of the few all-white shoes that are made for nursing duty, and have sizes and shapes actually fit men. Most of the all-whites for guys are athletic shoes (great for running but bad for standing for hours), and most of the men's "nursing" shoes for medical types are black or brown (or Crocs for some reason).

    As for the scrubs, ugh, the worst of both worlds. Looks like I need to read up on how to wear white without showing off my underwear (some of my Army medic friends had to do that). Time to invest in some UnderArmor bike shorts and shirts.