Collin College Fall 2013 Nursing Applicant's - page 7

I just finished taking my PSB and I've already submitted my application to Collin College for the Fall of 2013. This is my 3rd time applying and I'm really hoping I get in this time around. If I did... Read More

  1. by   jochen088340
    Just called them they said the email WILL be out by today, fingers crossed! And any suggestions on dentist would be awesome! I am trying to summon up some courage to go....
  2. by   Indomo
    I was just told they sent it. Has anyone gotten it? I have not yet.
  3. by   RPlatt
    I have not received the bulk e-mail yet. I did get registered for classes today though. It seems you don't get to pick your professors. If you log-in and look under registration status it will give you the specific course that you can register. (For example there are two RNSG 1170 classes listed and you must register for the one that is specifically listed under your registration status.) I still had problems getting all of them registered as it told me that I couldn't sign up for certain ones because I was already registered for that class (there are three classes that we have to register for under RNSG 1471). Anyway, I had to email Charlene and she got it done for me.
  4. by   jochen088340
    I just received the bulk letter, but there is no mention of Nursing board background check, do any of you know how to get that done? Also in the welcome letter it said calendar attached but I cant find it either.
  5. by   spicesoup153
    I emailed Charlene with questions about the background check and calendar/syllabus, so hopefully she'll respond soon. Does anyone know when and where we can go get the TB test done? And by when we need to have proof of it?
  6. by   jochen088340
    I went to Collin County TB Clinic in McKinney, it's $20 for the 2 visits. The letters mentioned August 1st but I am not sure.
  7. by   talc63
    I've been coming to this thread for a while getting comfort that I'm not the only one missing expected items. Today I signed up so I can post. I too am confused about the background check. Today's email pointed us to the bon website and I filled out the fingerprint card request, but I'm thinking there is more to it than that. I just didn't see any clear instructions anywhere.
  8. by   talc63
    Just in looking through the BON site, I'm thinking we need to be filling out the petition for declaratory order. Perhaps some of you have already done this, but I'm just now getting to it.
  9. by   NurseRebe2015
    I received mine today finally! I just tried to sign up for my classes and got errors on two of them, so I sent them an email asking for assistance. As for the dentist his name is Dr Grinsfelder, he's located in Dallas and his phone number is 214-349-2160. I would try to get in as soon as possible.
  10. by   jochen088340
    Anyone know where I can get a physical too? I have never had a family doctor so I am a bit loss here...
    Also did everyone get the email regarding setting up a facebook page and google docs for this intake? that sounds like a pretty awesome idea, and we can stop abusing this thread!
  11. by   jochen088340
    Thanks Rebekah!
  12. by   spicesoup153
    Thank you!
  13. by   spicesoup153
    Thank you!
    So has anyone signed up for NSNA? I became a member solely for the health and liability insurance benefits. I remember earlier this month that health insurance was being offered and now I can't find the link to where I can sign up and learn more about the health insurance. All I see is liability insurance... Anyone else notice this? I've looked around for other health insurance options not through NSNA, but there's so many that I don't know which to choose. I just need a basic, cheap, health insurance plan... any suggestions?
    Also, I received the email you're referring to jochen088340. I think it's an awesome idea and I've already joined the facebook page! We should all definitely migrate on over to facebook instead of slamming this thread.