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Hello All! I've recently applied to Collin College-previously Collin County Community College for the Fall 2010 cycle. I was wondering If I had 14 points is it possible that I get in? I know it's so... Read More

  1. by   just3ofus
    Quote from RN2BDFW
    The wait list is usually huge and most do not get in, but a few do. If you talk to the nursing office they can let you know where you stand on the list and what your chances are of getting in.

    RN2BDFW is right. My friend is waitlisted and called and has a meeting with them next Thursday so she knows what to expect.
  2. by   4thekids
    Wow! Ok, thank you!! I plan to go to the office on Monday. Thank you all for your advice and the information.
  3. by   4thekids
    Congratulations Dagsmom!!! I'm hoping to join you this semester!!! Best wishes and thank you so much for the information!!!
  4. by   bubbasmom
    im soo excited!got called off the waiting list!