College of the Mainland Fall 2012

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    Any applicants out there for COM Fall 2012?

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    Yep! I have yet to submit my application, though.
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    I turned in my app today. I have 122 points. Last semester the lowest score was a 91 to get accepted. I am already nervous about the wait. I got into Texas Tech but I really want to do COM's program. COM has a better pass rate, is cheaper, and I wouldn't have to move.
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    I have just applied. Though I am pretty disappointed of how many points I have now, 96 total. I will be taking medical terminology and hopefully health assesment this summer. I know many students have had a harder time with the new TEAS test. What was your reading score??
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    I am not sure exactly what my score was, in the B range though. They said last semester was the lowest scoring applicant pool so far because they switched to he TEAS and many people weren't passing. The spring is also more competitive than the fall. So I'd say you still have a good chance. Did you hear they extended the deadline till June 11?
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    Yes I had to take the test three times sadly, it wasnt too hard I was just so stressed I finally made an 81. I am thinking of retaking it one more time to see if I can get at least an 83, that will give me 20 points instead of 5. I did hear about the extension of the deadline. Do you know if they will accept elementary statistics for points or does it have to be the math one?? I hope so because that would put me at well over 100 pts... I hate waiting and now we have to wait longer UGH! lol
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    The nursing department told me you can only take the TEAS once a semester, and since they extended the deadline you can take it in the summer and it would be a new semester!! Only math statistics counts, I believe, I'd call to make sure though. I really can't play the waiting game... It's gonna kill me. Lol!Did you apply any where else? Is COM your first choice?
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    I have also applied to Alvin. Alvin was my first choice, but I have a friend who im sure will get into com for fall and my sister in law is about to graduate the com ADN progran in less than a month, she said she could give me all of her books. Either way im just ready to get in to where ever but am now hoping for com. Yes I know alot of people are failing the TEAS I hope it helps me in the end. I cant believe that they dont accept psych stats ... so you got accepted to texas tech? where is that? is that one of those really expensive BSN programs??
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    Oh okay. I heard Alvin has a good program! Free books would be nice and it's nice to know people in the program, I'm sure. Yeah, I got into TTU which is an expensive BSN program in lubbock. I really want to go to COM though.
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    hello everyone, i am about to take the Teas V but i do not want to miss COM deadline. Does anyone know the new deadline? Please help me out, i have already missed the deadline of other schools. Thanks

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