CNA training in Fort Worth?? How's Gideon??

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    Is anyone familiar with the CNA course through Gideon Services? Are they reputable? Does someone in Fort Worth offer a better CNA course? Guess, in short I want to know if they turn out good CNA's.

    Does Tarrant County College have a CNA class? I've heard they do but only see their 2-year program. (someone at TCC is to call me back on this, but ...)

    I found the DADS regulatory list of state approved certification courses and started calling only to find most places no longer offer training. One LTC referred me to Gideon, whom I'd already contacted.

    I'm not looking for a short-cut, just a way to start somewhere. Currently, I teach math as a substitute. Since not working is out of the question, (just me & my empty nest here at home) working as an aide seems the best way to gain experience while completing the pre-reqs for a BSN.

    TIA for all your help. Oh so many questions. (hope this doesn't count as a double post :uhoh21: , since I asked the same question in another thread, but didn't hear back yet, and I'm going to talk to them tomorrow)

    It worries me that most schools suggest not working or at most working only 12 hrs/week while in school. Also worries me to pieces that 4.0's are wait-listed or turned away. Yikes!!

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    Quote from Agatha
    It worries me that most schools suggest not working or at most working only 12 hrs/week while in school. Also worries me to pieces that 4.0's are wait-listed or turned away. Yikes!!
    This has me concerned as well, but it'll do you no good to worry about it. Just do your best.
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    Hi. im currently looking into the TCC-SOUTH campus for the CNA program. Its a CONTINUING EDUCATION program. That is why you don't see it their website. go to their website-click CE, (Under cert. & prog. by campus)-click CE South and then click "Health Care related Prog."

    I missed out for this semester and will do it next semester. good luck
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    Thank you. I finally did get through to TCC. Their cost is $458 + books + TB Test + CNA state test fee + CPR. They wouldn't tell me thier pass rate for the state test. I think the hourly demand on their students' time is a bit less and would easily allow one to work and take the class.

    Spoke with Gideon, and they generously offered a bit of a scholarship which pretty much balances the cost. Their next class starts Thur 21 Sept. Classes are M-F 8:00-2:30 for 4 weeks. They were very helpful and informative if you want to call; ask for Mrs. Butler at 817-926-4545. They also help you find a job afterwards; two calls came in while I was in the office, both looking for a CNA. Their pass rate is 97%.

    I haven't heard anything negative about either course, so I guess it's whichever one works into your schedule. Good luck and keep us posted!!
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    Where exactly is Gideon located?
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    Quote from Kiya
    Where exactly is Gideon located?
    Gideon Services Nurse Aide Training
    1700 Commerce Suite 1700
    Fort Worth, TX 76104
    PH: (817) 926-4545
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    Gideon's on the corner of Magnolia and Hemphill, on the bottom floor of the pharmacy, just the 2nd or 3rd door over on the front of the building. St. Mary's Church is on the same block.
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    I posted a response to a thread once ( about 3 months ago) about a CNA class that was offered at Dunbar High school in Ft Worth. i think the company just uses the classroom space. I know the class is 3 months or so several days a weeks and the charge was something like $125. Do a search for CNA schools in DFW or N Tx and I bet you can find the info I posted. I know alot of CNA's that have gone there and been satisfied. Good luck to you!!!!!
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    how much is the program w/o scholarship?? thanks.

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    sorry, didn't see your post till now.

    the cost was $930 without scholarship. Are you thinking of taking it?

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