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CEUs to renew RN license in Texas

  1. 1 This may sound like a stupid question but how do I make sure that the CEUs offered in web sites and magazines are accept by the BON? I need to start working on my CEUs but want to make sure they're valid otherwise... waist of money and time... Thanks.
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    Not a stupid question at all.

    TX BON addresses it here: http://www.bon.state.tx.us/olv/faqs.html#faq7

    We accept CE programs that are approved by national nursing organizations, their affiliates and other state boards of nursing.
    So, if the articles, seminars, etc., are approved by national nursing organizations and/or their affiliates/other state boards of nursing, you are o.k.
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    To the best of my knowledge, the TBON doesn't certify CEU courses. You don't even turn in your CEU's-- you merely keep your certificates in case you ever get audited. It's at that point they'd determine how legit your CE training was.

    If you stick with stuff your hospital offers and things offered by legit organizations like AACN, AHA, and so on, you shouldn't have any trouble.

    If you do all your CEUs via 5-minute online tests that didn't even require studying the course material, well, you shouldn't be surprised that the TBON isn't impressed with your training.