Best Nursing Programs In Dallas Area?

  1. Hello, I live in Austin, TX and am currently registering for classes at ACC, I have been considering moving to Dallas for a while now.. I am planning to do all my pre-reqs at ACC then transfer to a college in Dallas but my main concern is getting a good education.. ACC's nursing program is one of the best with over a 90% passing rate for the NCLEX and I will not cheat myself out of quality education just to move so are there any schools in Dallas that may be equal to or better than a college like ACC? Thank you for any opinions.
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  3. by   1996RN
    regardless of the bad news lately, parkland hospital is the best place to get a start as a new grad. you will see every single complication and possibility that will ever happen, and it will boost your confidence and really look great on your resume.
  4. by   Preemie 2 RN
    This would depend if you want to get your ADN or BSN in nursing? For ADN Brookhaven and El Centro community colleges in the DCCCD district are really good BUT the DCCCD financial aid department really is lacking and if you depend on pell grants and loans to pay for your schooling you might not want to go to a DCCCD school. I have been going to Brookhaven for the past 3 semesters (pre-nursing) and I have NEVER received my financial aid money on time to pay for classes. I always have to pay out of pocket and am reimbursed later in the semester.

    There are a few Universities here in Dallas that have great BSN nursing programs too. I plan on going to UTA for their RN to BSN program after I become a nurse
  5. by   veronicarenae
    I am trying to get my ADN... but thanks Briterz for your comment, i was definitely looking into brookhaven because a review I read for El Centro was pretty bad.. but I can't believe their aid dept is that bad, I bet they get an abundance of complaints.. do you know of any good sponsorship programs in Dallas that help with financial aid for example here in Austin we have a company called, Captial Idea that helps you pay for school, child care, even bills on top of any financial aid you receive from the school, I plan to research this but I find certain things are better to find out from word of mouth. TY!
  6. by   Preemie 2 RN
    No I do not know of any sponsor programs. I am fairly new to Dallas myself (moved here 2 years ago). From talking to other students though Brookhaven does not have any bank sponsors to help pay for school (private loans). They only have federal funded loans and grants.

    Brookhaven's nursing program is probably one of the best in Dallas (for ASN that is). That is why I am trying to stick out the financial aid problem because I really want to get into their program. I am in my last semester of pre-reqs right now and I will be applying to the nursing program in February for their Fall 2012 class

    If you have any questions about their pre-reqs and such ask away
  7. by   not.done.yet
    Brookhaven is good. Collin College has the highest NCLEX pass rates of any ADN program in Texas and is one of the top three in all Texas, ADN or BSN. Additionally Collin is NLN certified - one of only 17 in the US and the only one in Texas. Collin is also partnered with TWU and soon to be partnered with Texas Tech for BSN bridge in just three semesters at Collin College prices.

    Best of luck.
  8. by   veronicarenae
    Thank you very much, this is perfect because all of their pre reqs are the same as the college I'm taking mines at here in Austin, it looks really legit and the FB page is full of students and I am very glad to hear they are working on partnering with TT because ACC(Austin Community college) has a brige program with texas state and I was excited about that because after getting a year experience as a RN I want to go back to school for my BSN and it makes it soo much easier when that option is available.. Is this where you graduated from? how is the financial aid dept?
  9. by   not.done.yet
    I will be graduating in December. I didn't need a ton of financial aid, so I can't speak to that much. I took what grants and subsidized loans I qualified for and lived off savings etc for the rest. It is a great program.
  10. by   CristinaL
    I think TWU is the best option in Dallas. There's also programs at TCU and Baylor in the area but they're pretty pricey...I know you said you wanted an ADN program and I dont know how much of a difference in cost an ADN program is from a BSN, but if you're planning on getting your BSN at some point it might be worth just going for it all at once. It takes the same amount of time and I'm thinking probably equal in cost when you figure in the price of an ADN + a bridge program to get a BSN. Just something to think about!
  11. by   veronicarenae
    Thanks for the response and you made a really good point pertaining to the adn vs bsn, I will definitely consider this while I am still planning for school.. I did a little research on twu and seems like a great school to add to my list of options..
  12. by   not.done.yet
    Actually the price of ADN and then bridge is thousands less Especially if you are able to get employed as an RN after graduation from the ADN program - frequently then the employer will cover the cost of finishing BSN. But also bridging with a community college program to a university that is partnered sometimes lets you continue that bridge at the same tuition cost as the community college. The cost per credit hour is hugely different. Getting into the ADN programs is actually more competitive than the BSNs due to the cost.

    That being said, in DFW there is a huge push for BSN only in hospitals and ADNs are feeling the squeeze. It would be wise of you to do BSN all right up front, either through a BSN program or via an RN to BSN bridge.
  13. by   avidrunner
    "I am trying to get my ADN... ..., i was definitely looking into brookhaven because a review I read for El Centro was pretty bad.. but I can't believe their aid dept is that bad, I bet they get an abundance of complaints.."

    veronicarenae, According to the BON, El Centro has a 95% average pass rate over the past five years, which is actually considered very good. (very similar to ACC) It's located in the Paramount building downtown, which is also very nice. Overall, I find it pretty awesome. Additionally, El Centro is fairly close to Parkland Hospital which gives one insight on what to expect there. The only negative I can think of is that parking costs $5 each day. ...which they offset by giving dart rail passes.

    TWU is awesome as well. Baylor's nursing program is great, located at the other end of downtown, and costs $73,000.00 more. (though rolling compound interest on a student loan is pretty bad, that is, if you're looking at student loans)

    best of luck
  14. by   RegisteredNurseRich
    There is a sponsorship-type-thing available through El Centro via the Methodist campus. You would need to volunteer for at least 6 months and have 100 hours of service, but if you get in the program and agree to work for them for 30 months (or thereabouts) they will pay for tuition and books and supplies. Check out their website for more info, I'm hoping to get in this coming January.