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  1. 0 What is the pay for Dallas nurses with 3 years experience? Also I seem to be getting a lot of recruiter calls from Texas. Whats the deal with Texas and recruiting outside nurses? Is there something that I should know before considering moving to Texas???? I have a phone interview with Baylor Medical Center in Dallas and wonder whats the deal????
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    They offered me 27$ in April, i dont know
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    Thanks for the reply! Do you work at Baylor????
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    The DFW area has an agency called Group One, which is owned and operated by the DFW Hospital Association. Under the guise of a consumer credit reporting agency, all heathcare workers can legally be blacklisted by any manager who holds a grudge or has an employee complain. Once a negative mark is put on the Group One record, it is almost impossible to find work.

    IMO, this is what holds wages down for the area and why the need to get out of town nurses to fill slots, when there are over 8 nursing schools pumping out new grads in droves every 6 months.

    BTW, it is not only the hospitals that use Group One, it is also the staffing agencies, too.