Baptist School of Health Professions (BSHP) Spring 2012 - page 13

by schmoodle

Hey guys. I noticed there isn't a thread for this BSHP program. I just got my admission letter by email a couple minutes ago! :D Is there anybody else who will be going to this school in the Spring?... Read More

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    Great!! Thanks for all the info!
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    I believe your semester has already started but I'm hoping you all can answer. Has any one in this thread been accepted without have a&p 1 &2 completed? And only having micro and psych?
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    I have a question: Has anyone been accepted with only having one course completed? This years deadline is May 1st and I will have 3/4 of the prereqs completed by May 12th. I feel like it's so close and I at least want to try and see if I have a shot at being admitted.
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    just wondering if you would mind sharing your gpa or teas scores?? applying for the fall!
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    So if I'm starting in Fall 2012 and have all my gen ed credits done (math, socio etc..) I could take nursing courses in the summer of 2013 and graduate a semester early?
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    Hey! I'm happy you got in. Do mind if I ask what was your GPA when you applied ans you TEAS test score. I'm just applying next year but I'm not doing really well in anatomy/ physiology so I'm little worried
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    Has anyone graduated from this school or is in the program right now ? can you tell me how it is? Im thinking about going to career point just because its faster without pre reqs but im scared because I haven't seen too many comments on this school...
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    No one is posting fro the BSHP LVN program since 2012. :-( Definitely interested in getting to know my classmates for Spring 2014!! Where are all of you!? lol