Austin Community College Fall 2012 hopefuls

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    Anyone out there who would like to commiserate about waiting anxiously to be accepted to the ACC ADN program in the fall 2012 semester?

    Have you received your petition for Nursing skills yet? Pre-reqs and co-reqs completed?

    Hope to hear from some of you (or all) soon!


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    Hello, tnAustin
    I am glad you made this thread!
    This is my 3rd time trying. I finished all my pre-req and co-req, but I am
    Taking Physiology this coming semester to raise my GPA.
    Since they decreased the size of class, I do not think I can get in this time either, But it does not hurt to try and plus I get the bonus points.
    Good luck to you!
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    Hi Yejin0816! Glad to see your reply. I am re-taking some co-reqs too! I'll keep you posted here if I hear any new updates from ACC, please do the same.
    I'm taking nursing skills in January. Have you already taken it?

    Chat later!
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    Not just yet.
    I thought you have to be granted to take nursing skills after applying to the
    nursing program. Are you already permitted to take nursing skills this coming
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    Yes, but it's not a guarantee I'll get in. How about you? If you haven't, let me know if you have any questions - I may be able to help or direct you to someone who may be able to help.
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    I would like to wish all of you the very best this application period. This is my third time to apply. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get in this fall. So excited that this application period starts in two weeks. Good luck!
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    Moved to Texas nursing programs forum.
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    I am a ACC Fall 2012 hopeful but I probably would not be in class with any of you. I just graduated from ACC's LVN program and am hoping to be accepted into their Mobility program or the 2nd semester of the traditional track. I still have to take Physiology which I am taking this semester. I am really nervous because I have heard horror stories about physiology. Would love to have some support here with others going through the same. Good luck to you all!
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    I am a first time applicant, applying for Fall 2012 ADN program. I took the HESI today. I made an A and the average today was a 90. I think 55.6 is my rank and I am not planning on trying to retake any of my classes to improve my rank. I hope I can take Nursing Skills this semester. I also hope that ACC will be able to admit more students in the Fall than they did in the Spring so that I will have a better chance of getting in. In the meantime, I am taking Nutrition and Chemistry this semester in case I want to get my BSN.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    Hi tnAustin-
    Just curious, were you granted Nursing Skills during the Spring 2012 round and did not get in? I'm just wondering how many people did not get in last semester but are currently taking nursing skills this semester....
    I am a Fall2012 applicant- this will be my third application round. Hoping this will be my last time!

    Good Luck everyone!

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