Austin Community College Mobility Track

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    Hello, I'm an LVN working on my prereqs and plan on applying to ACC's mobility track program this spring. I'm wondering if anyone has any insight or words of wisdom for me. I know that ACC's ADN program is very competitive but I'm wondering if their mobility program is equally competitive.

    Thanks so much, I look forward to any information you can give!
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    I'm going to bump this up just in case it was missed by anyone who may have some insight for me. Thanks!
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    Hey did you ever get a response? If so, is it hard to get in their mobilty program? PM me or respond back...thanks!
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    Hey there, No I still haven't received a reply. Still hoping though. When do you plan on applying?
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    I'm looking into the program and had a question. Is the program conducted in consecutive semesters? I know the program begin in the Fall semester, so does it end in the summer or does it extend into the next fall semester?
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    I have the same question.
    I'm planning on applying in April, 2013
    My coworker/friend got in the first try, another got in on the 3rd time??
    It just depends on your gpa and the point system.
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    I am applying next month for the fall semester. Does anyone know anyone who's been through the mobility track? Do we have to go to campus 4 evenings a week the entire semester?
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    Any updates? Are any of you in program now? I am finishing up last prereq for LVN program and will be applying in June, then plan to do bridge to RN through ACC as well. Thanks!