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Heyyyy everyone! There isn't a thread yet for the Spring '12 hopefuls, so I thought I'd start one :clown: I just finished Microbiology, College Algebra and 4 of my 5 coreq's, and all I have... Read More

  1. by   veronicarenae
    1st post.. let me just say I love this site I swear I went through 17 pgs on another thread just soaking up all the information about getting through this nursing program. I am(hopefully) starting my pre-req's Spring '12 and like someone said I hate the fact that anatomy is a pre-req to my pre-reqs, but oh well I'll do whatever it takes. I was hoping someone could give me any advise on working full-time and having a baby... I do plan to work with my supervisor on my hours if/when I get accepted to the ADN program to accomodate but plan to only work part-time as the program progresses; mainly I would like to hear mothers stories that did it and made it, also if you are from a low income family, do you think financial aid would cover most of my expenses if I drop down to part time at my job? & one question not pertaining to this but do I have to get my immunizations before I start my pre/co reqs or can I wait until before I apply into the program... any responses would be appreciated, TY!! :P
  2. by   tat_nurse
    As far as immunizations, you do not need them to start the prereqs. But they always advise you do your immunizations early enough because some of them (Like Hep. C) take more than 6 mo. to complete) If you haven't completed your immunizations when you apply they won't accept your applications even if you have 4.0 GPA. So If I were you, I would do them ASAP just to be on the safe side.
    As far the baby and school, and work... I have 1 child who is 5, I go to school, work very part time, and it is hard!!! You get sick, the child gets sick, you get sick from her, you are always on the go, no time to rest... I am not saying it not doable, but it is hard. May be someone can offer a different perspective... this is just my take on it. I haven;t started the program yet, just waiting for the admission decision. I know it's not going to be easier once I start the program.
    good luck with prereqs!
  3. by   veronicarenae
    Thanks, I believe my pre reqs will give me a clue of how to adjust my schedule since I can only do 2 classes a semester.. luckily all I have to do is get an updated tetanus shot. And yes I am totally prepared for it to be hard getting through school but I know all that matters is my determination and persistence. Hearing other moms, like you, get through it even part of the way helps me feel more motivated like, "if she can do it so can I." Again thanks for your response.
  4. by   LD424
    I have two kiddos (ages 8 and 11), work part time and go to school two classes at a time. I applied for Fall 2011 but was 11 people short of getting in. I already took Nursing Skills so fingers crossed I will get in this Spring. Going to school for the past two years while having a family and a job has been difficult, but it has proven to me that if you want something bad enough you will work around obstacles and push through those days where you feel like there is no end. I think the program will be difficult and time consuming, but I hear the same story from moms that are either in the program or have graduated. They are more motivated and find the program more rewarding because they are doing it not only for themselves but for their kids future, hence better grades and a sense of accomplishment. As far as expenses go, I have always gotten a PELL grant and an ACC grant and once in a while I will also accept the subsidized loan(does not have to be re-payed until you graduate and most employers will actually help you pay off school loans). Also go and apply on the ACC webpage for a scholarship. I didn't think I would get any $ but it turn out I was wrong. I lucked out and the foundation I got the scholarship from is covering the cost of classes and books for the entire nursing program. There are tons of options out there, go talk to a financial advisor and they will point you in the right direction. Good luck.
  5. by   mattyboy
    So Tammy updated the application status page yesterday saying all petitions for 1105 Nursing Skills have been sent out. If we didn't receive one does that automatically mean we're not candidates for Spring 2012?
  6. by   LD424
    Unfortunately yes. This process is very frustrating but don't give up. I took Nursing Skills in the Summer and did not make it into the Fall class.
  7. by   mattyboy
    It is frustrating especially knowing the fact I have a 4.0 GPA, all As in my prereqs, and having a bachelors didn't help. Oh well, better luck next time I guess.
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  8. by   LD424
    I had the same grades as you and 2 B's in co req. I figured based on the previous semester that I had nothing to worry about. Due to the shortage of teachers they cut the number of students to 108. Good luck to you in the future.
  9. by   tat_nurse
    Hey, guys!
    Anyone got an acceptance letter yet? The website says the decision will be sent by 10/10. It's the morning of october 10 as I am writing this and I haven't received anything. And you?
  10. by   LD424
    Nope, not yet. Last semester the emails were all sent between 3-5pm. Not sure if the helps but keep us posted if you hear anything. I will be sitting in class all day.
  11. by   tat_nurse
    well, it looks like I may have misread it
    it says the week of 10/10. So it should arrive any time this week.... ?
    good luck to all!
  12. by   LD424
    Got my acceptance letter, check your emails.
  13. by   tat_nurse
    me too!!! Congrats LD 424!!!