Austin Community College Questions

  1. Hi guys! I am getting ready to apply for a nursing program at ACC. I've taken most of the prereqs for the ADN program but I'm actually considering doing the LVN program instead. My reasoning is I have a toddler and no family around to help with childcare. I'm concerned that I won't be able to handle the Adn program while working and trying to raise a kiddo. I know I can bridge later on. So here my biggest question about the LVN program that I haven't been able to get any clarity on:
    Are clinicals randomly assigned or is there any flexibility for choosing days? I will have my daughter in preschool if I get accepted but that only runs until around 5 or 6 pm. Are there any Acc students out there that can clarify HOW the clinicals are assigned, how far in advance you get your class and clinical schedules and how likely you are to be able to switch to a time that fits your availability if absolutely needed? Thanks for ANY thoughts and suggestions.
    Sorry that was long....