Are all Internships on night shift?

  1. I've been looking around for critical care/ ICU internships around the Dallas area since my experience in cc has been limited. Every one that I have found is 7p-7a. I guess I'm frustrated because I have 2 small children and a hubby that works strange hours, so I can't work nights at this time. Are all internships on nights?
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  3. by   sleepymom
    Good question. I saw those posted at Baylor, right? I'm not a night person by any means. I really hope more positions become available.

    Seems that new grads are severely limited to what area they go into if all hospitals abide by the internship only rule.
  4. by   gauge14iv
    Most new employees - new grads or experienced - will start on a night shift. There is generally a waiting list for day shift positions, and as people leave, the positions are filled by people from the waiting list. Sometimes the list is a few months, sometimes a few years. You have to pretty much be working somewhere first for a bit in order to get on the waiting list. Occasionally you get lucky and find a day position. Not so likely however - and the choice of areas to work in will be slimmer.

    With 12 years experience I started my last hospital job on nights - I went to days after about 5 mos.

    It is one of the things that retains people. People on days dont want to change jobs because they dont want to have to work nights again. Understandeable.

    You will probably need to work nights for a bit if you are wanting a position in a specialty area that is in high demand. It can work very well, even with a spouse and small children. I worked nights when my kids were little and it actually worked better for me at that time.