Anyone graduated from San Jacinto Comm. College LVN North Campus?

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    Hi, I just got accepted into the LVN program at San Jac North campus 2012 summer session, and I need some advice. I am nervous because of all the horror stories you hear about nursing programs. Any advice to me from anyone that has been where Im headed? I just need a feeling of ease.

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    I graduated from the program in December, great program , and very well prepare for the nursing field, alot if clinicals in hospitals that other programs lack. I passed my nclex on the 1st try in march and been offered several jobs, currently working PRN for an agency that pays me $20 hr I decide my weekly shifts , now pursuing my BSN degree.
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    So how is it going? I applied for the fall and still waiting for my email from them. What are they asking to get in. I know like gap and hesi score. I made an 89! What do you think my chances are of getting in?
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    I'm graduating this summer 12 from the north Campus. I know people who made less than an 89 percent and were accepted into the program. I think you Hesi score is on the good range , so you GPA will be the key determinant of whether you get accepted or not.. with a GPA above 2.8 you should be fine.. Once again , all this is from previous experience- By the way, you chose a good school, it's not easy but you will learn a lot.
    good luck!
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    Do they look at your whole GPA? Or if I take a&p, nutrition, and pharm will they only look at that GPA?
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    Hi, sorry for the late reply. Did you guys get acceptance letters yet?
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    Yes, I got myne! I start August 27th, and I'm excited but vey nervous. Any good tips???
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    they look at your whole GPA- from what i heard

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