Anyone apply to TVCC ADN program?

  1. Just curious to know if anyone on has applied to TVCC in Kaufman? I'm guessing theres a long wait until the letters go out and thought we could form a mini support group! lol. Also, if there is anyone on here that has gone through the program or have any knowledge about TVCC nursing, such as do/did you like the program, instructors, clinical/clincal sites, & the quality of education. Please post here, Thanks!

    Hope to hear from you all soon.
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  3. by   lgtx3
    Hi kcoa11,
    I did not apply yet, I am still completing support courses. Congrats on applying, and good luck! Where else, if anywhere, did you apply? I am debating El Centro, Brookhaven, and TVCC....I hope to be able to apply for all three. I am a little concerned about the extra points at TVCC for honors and 15 hrs previously completed there. I have been taking everything through dcccd. Hopefully, I will get to see your excited post when you are accepted!
    take care...LG
  4. by   kcoa11
    Thank you! I will definitely post the news once I receive my letter. I'm excited.
    I'm also transferring from DCCCD so don't worry about that! I heard good things about Brookhaven's program and have a friend that is currently in the nursing program there. She mentioned that the instructors are very supportive and helpful and that it's a good environment to learn in. I would definitely apply there too if I were you. El Centro...well...I haven't heard many great things actually, and I know some people who ar in that program as well. I'm sure you'll be fine whereever you are! Keep me posted if you can about your acceptance as well!

    Take care!
  5. by   lgtx3
    Thanks for the reply. Are you going to be in Kaufman or Palestine? I have started to head towards ruling out El Centro based upon interactions I have had from the staff on phone calls. I get a feeling that they are disorganized.
    Have a good weekend!!
  6. by   kcoa11
    LG - I'll be at the Kaufman location. I believe Palestine is where they have the LVN program.
    El Centro's nursing department staff are not the friendliest people at all. I've had numerous interactions with them that pulled me away from considering going there for nursing school. However, I've taken other classes there like chemistry, micro, and pharmacology and had some really great instructors. So I would never say the whole school has issues, but I will say that I haven't heard many good things about the nursing department as a whole.

    Feel free to send me an email or private message anytime! It's great chatting with you & who knows, we may be working side by side one of these days!
  7. by   chis020202
    I just put my application in on Jan 5th. Can't wait to find out if I made it. I've got 10 points and hoping for the best!
  8. by   kcoa11
    Chiss - we'll be JUST fine! Do you know when we should receive our letters? I've been hearing different things. One in April...and one in March. I'm sure it's bound to come sometime around then though. Hope to see ya soon at TVCC!!
  9. by   chis020202
    I thinl April is the date but I am still waiting to hear a response from my application.
  10. by   chis020202
    Thanks Mr.Ballom,

    I think we are all just going a little nuts waiting to hear if we made it or not.
  11. by   cparks
    I applied.. I think I have 11 points.. I hope I get in, you never know though. I hope we all get into the program this year.... I really want too..

    I heard we may find something out in March, I have had friends in the program for the past few years and they all got their letters in March. SOOOO I have practically jumped the mail man everyday this week tearing the mail from his hands looking for that TVCC logo envelope... poor guy.. I dont know if he can handle a whole month of this, much less two months!
  12. by   cparks
    Got an email saying letters are going out this week! Anybody get theirs yet?
  13. by   chis020202
    I got the e-mail and now... I am really going crazy waiting on the snail mail.
  14. by   lgtx3
    I have been thinking about all of you who are waiting for letters. Any news, yet?
    I am applying in January for the Fall 2011.
    Does anyone know what the DCCCD equivalent is for TVCC's COSC 1301 micro computer class?
    I want to take it summer I, and I really want to be sure to take the right course.