Anyone apply for the LVN Program at HCC Coleman in Houston for Fall 2013? - page 2

I applied about 2 weeks before the application was due and the counselor told they were gonna call or contact me about 2-3 weeks after June 1st about what to do next. I'm anxiously waiting! Anyone else in the same boat as me? I... Read More

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    I GOT IN!!!! Yay, I'm so excited! stephonee, just do well in your nutrition class, and I'm sure you'll get in for spring 2014.

    And I think they only take one TEAS test score, but I'm sure your scores will be alright.

    Now, I need letters of reference and an LVN nurse interview.

    I hope someone else posts in this thread for fall 2013.
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    CONGRATS!!!!! I am still soooo nervous about whether or not I will get but only God knows!!! I was accepted into a Surgical Tech program that starts in August so I was thinking about starting that and still applying to the LVN Program for spring 2014... or IDK if I should just wait to see if I get into LVN and decline Surg tech
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    I applied as well for fall 2013 and got my interview appointment for July 10th. I'm super nervous I don't know what to expect. I'm trying not to keep my hopes up too much til I get the acceptance letter in my hands after the interview. You know anyone who has gone through this before; what should we expect that day?
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    Yay someone else! I'm also super nervous! It's tomorrow, eek! I have all my paperwork done that they needed, but still not sure what to expect. Good luck to you.
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    Well, I had my interview yesterday, now all I have to do is wait for another letter. I hate waiting. I really hope I get that second letter!
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    Second letter to say if you're in? How did the interview go? What did they ask/do?
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    stefonee, I sent you a PM.
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    newbornoct13, have you gotten your second letter? I'm going crazy waiting! I didn't get it today, but I think the lady said that they'll be mailed out either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, meaning today, so I hope I get it soon. It's my dream to be a nurse!
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    So now it's two weeks after I had my interview, and I'm guessing since I don't have my second letter yet, that I didn't make it in. I guess since I was so nervous, I blew the interview, I really hate that they ask you to talk about yourself and you're not even sure what to say because you don't want to give the wrong impression. I'm going to call sometime this week to make sure that it didn't get lost in the mail (I hope it did!), but if I didn't make it in for fall 2013, then I'm going tell the lady to let me apply again for spring 2014, since she said that we could do that, and maybe try to get my CNA since I saw that HCC has a class for that from October to December. It really sucks if I didn't make it in because then that means I did all that paperwork for nothing.

    Plus, next week they're having the uniform fitting on August 2nd, which is my birthday anyway, so I guess it's okay if I didn't make it in for the fall. I can go celebrate my birthday instead of going to school.

    Newbornoct13, I hope you post in this thread again.
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    People in my nutrition class applied my nutrition teacher (who is part of the nursing program) said everyone should know by the end of this week!

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