AE MSN at UT Austin Summer 2012

  1. Anybody out there applying to the UT Austin AEMSN program for summer 2012? Haven't seen any posts about our group of hopefuls yet.
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  3. by   jh2011
    Hey! I have also applied to the UT AE program. Strange that there aren't more of us on here.
  4. by   laflaca
    I applied too....trying not to think about it too much yet. We've still got a lot of waiting to do.
  5. by   jh2011
    Not necessarily. I spoke with somebody at the program a couple weeks ago and they said decisions are made end of Nov/early Dec -- Jan at the latest. Not sure how valid that is but I'm all for it.
  6. by   acblds5
    Are you sure it was for this program? From what I have seen/heard, last year's applicants didn't hear until about the second week of February. I would LOVE to know sooner! Tell us if you hear more. I'm glad you both replied. Now I know I have someone to wait with.

    What about interviews? Heard anything about that?
  7. by   jh2011
    I'm pretty sure it was for this program, but I could be wrong. Finding out sooner would be awesome!

    As far as I know, there is not a word about an interview process anywhere on the website. I know that they have had interviews in years past, but not sure if this is still the case for this cycle. I emailed the program coordinator the other day about it and am still waiting to hear back. I do know that they changed the deadline from last year (it was Dec 1) and made it sooner. We'll see haha.
  8. by   acblds5
    Oh, please let us know if you hear anything. I am so excited and nervous at the same time.
  9. by   nurzing
    what concentrations did everyone apply for? and does anyone know the availability of each?
  10. by   acblds5
    Wow, it was hard to choose before gaining much experience in the field. I chose Adult Health (teaching role). I have been around children my whole life so far, and it's not that I am against them, I just don't know how I would react if I saw them suffering/hurt. Which is the point. I don't know. Ughh.

    I don't know anything about the numbers, but I guess they break it down and allow only a certain amount of people to join each group. Does anyone else know? I'm afraid to ask that question to the people there because we know they are busy.

    What about you? What did you pick?
  11. by   eastsider
    I'm in the nervous and excited 2012 UT AEMSN crowd. From what I heard from the graduate coordinator, yes, the schedule is accelerated this year. Interviews before winter break (December 16th, I think), final decisions in early/mid January. He was nebulous about the interview process--format, how many interviews, etc. They do interview 75% + of applicants at least once. Applied to Adult Health - Teaching. I went to an info session early this year, and I do recall that a couple of the programs had very few projected slots. CNS was maybe 10 spots, and Mental Health NP was less--closer to 4. Anybody else applying from Austin?
  12. by   acblds5
    Well, I sure hope they have a bunch of spots open for adult health teaching! It's nice to meet you, eastsider. I hope we both get in! I had a hard time deciding on which strand, and actually considered both the CNS and mental health specialties. I think and hope I chose correctly for me.

    I went to three of the information sessions to see what they had to say. They said at the time that they interview the top 80%, but said nothing about the number of open slots for each program. Your timeline is a little later than jh2011's. I suspect they may be figuring it out as they go. Let's all keep an eye on their website in case they update it there. I was really hoping I'd know (that I'm in, of course!) before Christmas. It seems like they'd like to wrap it up before then, too.

    By the way, I live just outside of Austin.

    Keep in touch!
  13. by   jh2011
    I go to UT, so I'm in the Austin area as well. I applied for the Public Health track. The previous program coordinator, Scott, has left his position at the nursing school. I tried emailing him and got an automated message telling me to email the new coordinator (Rudy) regarding SoN questions. I'm sure its chaos over there right now with them figuring it out as they go. The January timeline sounds right, though. I'm not sure how they could manage interviewing people and giving offers all within a month.
  14. by   eastsider
    Funny two other Austin area people on here responding. I'm sure Scott leaving does make it a little confusing there--he's who I've spoken with numerous times over the last couple of years. Have y'all finished all of your prereq's? I'm taking the last three this semester, and the accelerated schedule has me a little nervous. I need those grades added into my GPA--I'm a much better student this time around. My BA is in Biology/Psychology, from 1995.

    I'm also curious if anyone is working a parallel pathway (read: backup plan) towards an advanced nursing degree. I'm optimistic about UT AEMSN, and it's the best program for me for a bunch of reasons (respected program, excellent timeline, opportunity to do clinicals locally, etc.). Just curious if anyone (especially the locals) have explored any program that comes close to matching UT's.