ACC Spring 2014 Hopefuls...........

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    Anyone else out there? Happy to have gotten my petition to Nursing Skills this past week. Excited and nervous!
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    I got my petition as well....YAY!!! And today I got my ranking email. Taking first 10 week hybrid at Cypress. Found book, study guide and DVD on amazon separately way cheaper then package. $146 free shipping
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    I'm hoping to get into Spring 2014 as well... I have not received a petition for skills yet, but now that the summer semester is over & grades are posted I hope it boosts my ranking score up high enough. We will see! Cross your fingers for me!!!
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    In Nursing Skills now, hoping to get an acceptance letter for Spring 2014!
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    How many points do you guys have that have received petitions for the fall?
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    I have 57.21. I figure that I will be right on the cusp of whether I get into the program or not.
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    I have 57.82
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    I haven't gotten a petition yet, but I'm at a 53.88. First time for me, so it's a little low...B's in Anatomy and my Humanities course made it a bit lower than it could ideally be. I'm about 115% sure I won't get into the program this time around, but I'll try to post here if I get into Nursing Skills. :-)
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    I have 56.45 ranking points & I have not received a skills petition yet. I'm crossing my fingers it comes on the 19th!!! I'm curious what the fall starts lowest ranking points were.
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    I have 61 points. This is my second application, though. Can't imagine I won't get in this time, but afraid to say the word "definitely" (knocking on wood at thsi very moment). Got a skills petition in August but couldn't take it due to the course schedule I already had for Fall. They told me they would send me another petition when the next round went out (for the 2nd 8 and 10 week sessions). A couple of those courses will fit with my schedule. Hopeing to start skills in early October.

    I know I won't be able to be so picky about scheduling once I am actually in the program. I'm excited anyway, though.

    Anyone in skills now? How hard is it?

    Good luck everyone!