ACC Spring 2014 Hopefuls...........

  1. 0 Anyone else out there? Happy to have gotten my petition to Nursing Skills this past week. Excited and nervous!
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    I got my petition as well....YAY!!! And today I got my ranking email. Taking first 10 week hybrid at Cypress. Found book, study guide and DVD on amazon separately way cheaper then package. $146 free shipping
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    I'm hoping to get into Spring 2014 as well... I have not received a petition for skills yet, but now that the summer semester is over & grades are posted I hope it boosts my ranking score up high enough. We will see! Cross your fingers for me!!!
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    In Nursing Skills now, hoping to get an acceptance letter for Spring 2014!
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    How many points do you guys have that have received petitions for the fall?
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    I have 57.21. I figure that I will be right on the cusp of whether I get into the program or not.
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    I have 57.82
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    I haven't gotten a petition yet, but I'm at a 53.88. First time for me, so it's a little low...B's in Anatomy and my Humanities course made it a bit lower than it could ideally be. I'm about 115% sure I won't get into the program this time around, but I'll try to post here if I get into Nursing Skills. :-)
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    I have 56.45 ranking points & I have not received a skills petition yet. I'm crossing my fingers it comes on the 19th!!! I'm curious what the fall starts lowest ranking points were.
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    I have 61 points. This is my second application, though. Can't imagine I won't get in this time, but afraid to say the word "definitely" (knocking on wood at thsi very moment). Got a skills petition in August but couldn't take it due to the course schedule I already had for Fall. They told me they would send me another petition when the next round went out (for the 2nd 8 and 10 week sessions). A couple of those courses will fit with my schedule. Hopeing to start skills in early October.

    I know I won't be able to be so picky about scheduling once I am actually in the program. I'm excited anyway, though.

    Anyone in skills now? How hard is it?

    Good luck everyone!
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    I have 54.18 (first application) I am in skills now. Heard a 55.18 was the lowest that got in for Fall. I wouldn't say Skills is hard or easy. It is just different. Ton of roll playing. You have to take turns being nurse and patient. Good luck to all of you. Il be surprised if I get in this round. I think my points are probably right on the line. I guess I'll know in a couple weeks!
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    Just registered for skills! Lots of role playing, huh? I'm not too worried about that. I am a bit concerned if there is a heavy homework or study load, though. I am taking BIOL 1406 and MATH 1314 right now. My biology teacher is terribly disorganized, and the math is a bit tricky for me since I haven't taken any math for about 15 years. Playing a bit of catch up on my re-algebra. I am also a single mother and have been caring for my own mother following her back surgery, and I just moved to a new house and have been trying to unpack. In short, I don't know how much more I can take!! Guess I'll just have to pull some new tricks out of my sleeve.

    Hope all of you are doing well out there. Good luck!
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    Jus3, I just got my petition, and I was a 53.88, if that helps. :-) Anyone else taking the Mon/Tues at EVC?
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