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Anyone else out there? I'm starting my prerequisites this spring, and will be applying this summer for the spring of 13. Anyone else in the same boat?... Read More

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    I have 64 points. Still no ranking letter...

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    Mine is 60.09 - I was ranked 223 when I didn't get in. I retook one class this summer to change a B to an A.

    Nickasarbata - you are soooooo in!
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    Thanks michellemc! I hope you're right, but with ACC, I'll believe it when I see it!!

    Where are our letters?! They can't send them all out at once since each email is personalized... (or maybe acceptance letters aren't and they'll send them all out at once?!). Can they just send them already?! They've got 38 minutes left. What if we don't get them today?! :-(
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    I was just curious cause my friend had a 61 and she already got her acceptance already. so I was just wondering for those that are still waiting what is your gpa rank?
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    This is way stressful.
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    angelbabyguh - did she get it today?
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    I have 65.3 points and was 144 out of the pool in the Fall cycle. I really hope I am in.
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    Maybe it's alphabetical?
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    Quote from michellemc
    angelbabyguh - did she get it today?
    yeah she text me that she got it today like an hour ago
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    Wait...your friend already received acceptance and she was has 61 points? Seems like they should letters in order of ranking, so that the higher ranked candidates would get first choice on campus....I have 65 points and haven't gotten an email yet. The waiting is so frustrating!!
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