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ACC Spring 2013 hopefuls - page 7

Anyone else out there? I'm starting my prerequisites this spring, and will be applying this summer for the spring of 13. Anyone else in the same boat?... Read More

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    Ahahaha!!! I am so so happy!! Finally! Congrats to all who got in, mayeb we will be seeing eachother. My first pick was the Round Rock Campus.
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    I chose CEC, EVC, RRC then Hybrid. Congrats to all! Good luck to those still waiting!
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    Congrats everyone! Got mine too!
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    I got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chose CEC, Hybrid, EVC, RRC

    CONGRATS to all who got in, and to those who didn't, don't give up!! With ACC, it's not a matter of IF you'll get in, it's a question of WHEN.
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    Quote from Austin404
    angelbabyguh, there are many things that determine the class size:

    Third, clinical availability in Austin is scarce these days. There was a time when ACC and UT had their pick of clinical spots. These days ACC has to compete with UT, Texas State, Concordia, and Texas A&M for clinical space. There are only so many clinical settings to go around.
    Don't forget, we also share with Texas Tech 2nd Degree BSN program. I'm doing clinicals at Brackenridge right now and we get shuffled around because there are Texas Tech students also.
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    Congrats everyone!!!! Yay!!! January will be here before you know it!
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    Hi guys I got mine in with 59 its... yay good luck everyone
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    Congrats you guys!!!!!!
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    Congrats to all of you who FINALLY received your acceptance letters!!! And, thanks for all the info everyone posted along the way detailing scores and what to expect. I knew I wouldnt get in this time around, because I was lacking one more course when I applied. BUT, it got me the extra 5 points to give me a little boost this next application period. Just received my ranking letter, and I am #317. Out of how many??? Does anyone know how many applicants there were this time?
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    Congratulations to all of you! It's nice to know the cut off was before 59; it gives me hope for next semester, yay! I am ranked 286, and it says they took 127.
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    I'm in! I have 61 points. Chose 1.Hybrid 2.RRC 3.CEC 4.Eastview
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    Congratulation, the cut off was 59 or 58?
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    Congratulations to all! I am in as well! Yay!! I got in with 63.15 points.
    I have not send the email back but I am choosing hybrid, EVC, CEC, RRC.