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Anyone else out there? I'm starting my prerequisites this spring, and will be applying this summer for the spring of 13. Anyone else in the same boat?... Read More

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    Michellemc -- Did you get it today? do you mind sharing what your rank number was? I am on edge wondering if I'll get one.

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    Hey everyone, so tomorrow is the 1st! Hopefully they send out letters this week. However, I found out from the nursing office that since I am doing Alternate Entry, I won't find out until November since the deadline for Alt entry applicants isn't until Oct 16. Brutal! Good luck to everyone and I'll still be checking this post to see who got in
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    Hello Everyone,

    Decided I would post a comment and say to everyone GOOD LUCK! I just got a petition today to take the Nursing Skills 1 (kind of late...thought I got an acceptance I think someone rejected this semester because they didn't/couldn't take it, but no worries I will jump to it in a heart beat!) I am also applying for the Spring 2013... which I really hope I get in, because this will be my third time applying. I've been out of school since January, almost a year, just waiting. *Sigh* Looking back, there could have been many things i could have done differently that would have SAVED me so many semesters...but oh well, the turtle will eventually get there. If some of you are tired of waiting, I heard Temple College doesn't have a waiting list and people tend to get accepted right away. The catch is is that they only have applicants once a year, and I believe it's around March. I don't know exactly where you would be doing your clinicals (I think Scott and White) but I would ask since we are Austinites and the drive would be pretty far going to temple as it is. I was going to do this, but decided not too because of the drive and I had really thought I was going to get into the nursing program that semester...another mistake.

    BUT it's not all bad news for me this year. I landed an awesome job at St. David's Hospital! Been there since January. I don't know if I saw it on this thread or somewhere else, but it WOULD tremendously help you if you get a job in the medical field while in nursing school. You should try to become a PCT/ CNA (same thing), you would have to do most of the leg work, but from what I've seen and heard, you do ALMOST everything that a nurse you would be more advanced and ahead once you start the nursing program. You should get your CNA doesn't take that long maybe like a month or 2, ACC offers it and other places around Austin does too, super easy. I paid 400 bucks, got my certification so I could get my foot in the door- i currently don't do alot of CNA work at all. Im what they call an Endoscopy Tech. It's kind of different in my department. Think of it like a Surgical Technologist and an RN. Some nurses in my department can't do my job, and I can't do theirs. You would have to be trained to do it and it takes about a year to learn everything, and still then you're still learning. We actually assist the doctors during the procedures, like his right hand man, kind of like a surgical tech.

    So like I said, get a job somewhere anywhere, it would help you. My supervisor tells me all the time that she is willing to adjust my schedule, do whatever it takes so I can finish school and then become a nurse in her department. If you work for a hospital, they LOVE hiring within, and it's guaranteed to have a job lined up for you the day after you pass your boards. Plus, if you have trouble with your coursework, just go to work and ask! =)

    Anyways I have written a story on here, but hopefully me sharing my life to you guys and give yall some pointers on how to tackle this. Good luck!
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    Hi elfimka, You are correct; the petition is permission to take Nursing Skills. It doesn't guarantee I will get into the Spring class, but it means my ranking score is high enough that I might get in. I have to take Nursing Skills this semester to be eligible for the Spring class.
    You also asked about taking co-reqs over to improve your ranking. It is hard to say how much difference it makes, because it depends on where you are in the list, and what other people have (which you don't have any way to know), and they can retake classes too. I applied for the fall with a 54.18. I had a similar ranking score as you: all A's, except 2 B's in co-reqs (speech and psychology - both from 1979!). In the fall, I was ranked number 223. They took 95 students in the fall, but some of the first 95 didn't accept the offer (or pass the background check or did not enter for whatever reason). Someone posted that they were number 124 (which was 99 away from me) and did get in. Since I knew when I reapplied that I would be close to the top 100, but on the edge, I decided it would be a good idea to improve my score. I retook Intro to Psychology over the summer. I think it improved my ranking, but I don't think I will ever know how many people I moved in front of, if any.

    Hi kmclarty, I don't mind sharing; my ranking is 60.09. However, you might be more interested in the information that was posted today on the ACC Application Status page. Petitions were sent to everyone with a ranking of 57.09 and higher.

    They also posted that acceptance letters will be sent in the next week!
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    Good luck to everyone! Emails coming today or tomorrow!! Crossing fingers for us all!!
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    Nickasarbata-I thought the website said within the next week(so by tuesday)? Or do you have further info to why it could be out by tomorrow? If so thatd be awesome!
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    I was told from my employer learning institute(st.davids is one of the hospitals affiliated with acc for clinical) that acceptance letters will b sent out the first and second week of October. I got a petition for the RNSG skills on Oct. 1. Kind of late. Did any one get one late? Has anyone gotten an acceptance letter yet?
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    Good luck you guys!!! I'm two months away from graduating the hybrid RN program at ACC and I used to roll my eyes when people told me that all for levels of the program go by super fast. Now that I am two weeks from graduation I seriously can't believe it is almost over!! It's been a great journey though, nursing school is unlike anything I've ever done. I've loved it!
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    Hey RADIATIONRN2BE - Congratulations! I've been following this site for a couple of years and have really appreciated all the information you have shared. And I can't believe you are already graduating either. Good luck to you in the future! Do you know where you'll be working?
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    Hello! Thanks for the congrats! This last semester is flying by and I can't believe I only have 7 clinical days left EVER!!! LOL! Yay!! I am blessed to have about 4 different job prospects right now. My first choice is the radiation therapy clinic I have been working at for the last 10 years. They approved another RN position for me but right now I am keeping my options open because I want to see salary ranges. I am going to interview with the St. Davids system and Seton system for an oncology position and also travel to MD Anderson to interview for a nurse externship for one of their radiation facilities.

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