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I am going to finish all my prereqs this fall (2012) and apply for the fall 2013 program. From everything I have read online, it seems that there is a shortage of professors and this is why so few students are admitted. Can this... Read More

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    Ugh... Here's to hoping for Spring 2014...

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    Anyone else doing the hybrid program this fall?
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    I will be attending the hybrid program this fall.
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    I'm new to this thread, but I will also be attending the hybrid program this fall. I'm trudging through the orientation information today. There is quite a bit to do between now and August 1st!
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    Hi fellow hybrid peeps. I chose hybrid as well. Have you guys done PreCheck already and signed up for/taken a CPR class? I haven't decided where I should take it.

    Thanks Austin404! It's always nice to hear from someone who's been there. As for the mastery checkoff based on our nursing skills course that occurs in the beginning of nursing school, do you remember when you did it? The first day/week of seminar? Lab? Clinical? How long was it? We're having 30 minute scenarios in class right now, and I was wondering if that was what the checkoff would be like. I can't imagine they could throw in everything but the kitchen sink, it would probably take too long, but what do I know?
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    Rent your level 3 books unless you plan to be in OB...definitely buy the Lewis book, though.
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    I did the CPR training at Life Sustaining Training (north Austin), and REALLY enjoyed it. Check them out on Yelp, great reviews.

    Who else is in CEC?
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    Do any newly minted, incoming Level 1's need practice on 1105 Mastery Skills for checkoff? If so, please contact me! Friday/ Saturday mornings are best. Message me here. Thanks. Colleen
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    hello everyone!
    Just found out that I might be getting in to the Fall 2013 semester after all and wanted to ask if anyone
    has any information or experiences to share regarding the different campuses at ACC. There are still
    slots available at the CEC and Eastview. As I live in central austin both of these are geographically desirable
    so that doesn't help my decision-making process. Any insight into which one is preferable? Thanks in advance
    for your response!
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    Congrats, superfuzz!

    Both of the campuses are good. Some of my friends are a semester ahead of me at CEC and they really love it, I hear no bad things about it at all. But I also haven't heard anything bad about Eastview.

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