Will LTAC help me get to ICU?

  1. I am interested in following a critical career path. Will LTAC help me get there? I have a lot of varied experience from OR to tele to home health to peds to med surg.
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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    I think LTAC would, especially since that will give you MV experience.
  4. by   theantichick
    I'm hoping it does, since I just started my first job at an LTAC ICU. If you're on the floor at an LTAC, I would say getting on the path to move to ICU would be a good move. What I've been told in my area is that LTAC ICU won't count the same way a "real" hospital ICU would, but it'll do more for you than working MedSurg at a "real" hospital. (And I put "real" in quotes because I don't feel that it's a good way to distinguish between an STAC and an LTAC... they're all *real* hospitals, each just has a different focus.)
  5. by   bioniclewoman
    Some of our new grad nurses have moved to ICU or step-down units after working a year in LTAC so it is possible.
  6. by   Bossy Boss
    It will put you in a better position for hire. I am a nurse manager at a LTAC that has med surgery nurses and also has HI Op nurses. These are nurses that took extra training to take critical patients. Critical drips ,chest tubes, intubated patients, critical thinking situation's are reviewed and taught. I was a clinical nurse supervisor on a CCU floor after 12 plus years at a trauma one hospital and was hired as a nurse manager to help with training and daily operations at an LTAC. Take the extra educational classes that will make you a better nurse and team player. This willing to learn will out weigh inexperience in an interview and help build your resume.
  7. by   lawandaluxnurse
  8. by   theantichick
    The answer is yes. I'm just shy of a year at my ltac in ICU and I just got hired at the county hospital for ER. They were impressed with my critical thinking skills and ability to manage fairly high acuity patients.
  9. by   Here.I.Stand
    I transitioned to the SICU in a level 1 after a year and a half in an LTACH. It helped that I did have previous ICU experience, but then I was out of the hospital for a while before going to the LTACH. I needed to make my current experience marketable, if that makes sense. I emphasized my LTACH work with vents, tele, VADs etc. Also the fact that my current ICU transfers a lot of pt's directly out of our unit to LTACH.
  10. by   theantichick
    I also emphasized the skills I used in the LTAC ICU on my resume and it helped my interviewers understand that I wasn't a glorified pill pusher.

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