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Yeah, I know... I'm waaaay ahead of time :) But I thought there might be some people planning ahead like me. I'm graduating in December and I thought some others might like to discuss what you are... Read More

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    I don't think its lack of interest. They only take like 5 in Women's Health, more than that applied at my school alone. I know a girl who got it last year who said they are already overstaffed and transfers are frozen for now! I think Vandy has been having a lot of issues lately... IDK if ya'll heard they are making nurses on some units do janitorial work?! And layed off a TON of people over the summer. But yet I still wanna work there... haha.
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    Don't forget they are expecting to lay off 1000 more by the end if the year to come in line with next year'a budget. They cut 300 during the summer.
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    I'm surprised they are even having a residency this year if they are having such financial difficulties. I would still want to work there because of their reputation. I wonder if they would even be able to keep the new graduates on staff for the second year if they are having to lay off people.
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    From what I've been able to read, most of the layoffs are not nursing related.
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    From information I got from an employee there this past summer majority of the jobs cut were either positions that were not filled in the first place or people that just needed to exit for whatever reason. I'm note sure about the 1000 that are going to be cut by the end of the year.

    There is a class action lawsuit from those former employees and a Medicare fraud investigation going on right now.
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    Anyone heard anything from Vandy yet? They said that we would hear something the last week of September. I am anxiously waiting!!
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    Nope, haven't heard anything from them, but I know what you mean...I keep checking my email every 4 hours.
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    Check your emails everyone! I got an email requesting an interview.
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    I'm wait listed! I'm actually kinds proud of it though, because I chose Women's Health which means my ENTIRE cover letter was about how much women's health was the only thing for me... then they got rid of it and I had to chose a different track and I had to add a paragraph to try to convince them I want that track while not being able to get rid of all the Women's Health stuff. And my entire resume and volunteer experience and everything centered around Women's Health. So getting wait listed for Adult Acute Medicine isn't so bad. We'll see I guess!
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    I got an email requesting an Interview. I am for adult acute med/prog/surg track.
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    I just got an interview for the pediatric critical care track! Woo hoo!!!
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    nothing yet...congrats to those who got an interview and being wait listed isn't that bad. I hear of people all the time who are wait listed and still get an interview
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    Hello all. I got an interview for the pediatric critical care track as well! Now i have to figure out a way to get down there. hmmm.