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This thread is for those who are applying for the nurse residency program at Vanderbilt. I thought this would be a great place to keep up to date Inge selection process and make connections with new... Read More

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    Oh ok. I did not think about that. Haha. Well good luck to you. I need to make sure I remember the time difference. My friend who interviewed for here last time woke up to them calling, reminding her it was in 15 min!

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    Oh gosh! Yeah good thinking!!! Lol, good luck to you too!
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    In case you guys need help with your apt search these are some I know of, lived in, or looked at.

    Lenox Village Town Center
    Grand View Apartments
    The Lexington
    Avondale at Kennesaw Farms - Great apts and very affordable but not really near much
    The Landings of Brentwood- where I currently live- great apts about 30 min from work and in the middle of all sorts or food and shopping and celebrity homes. Please mention my name if you come here!
    Polo Park - I used to live there and it's decent. I am not sure if it was just my building (I was back in the woods) but I had a bit of a bug problem. It is in a good spot though and about 20 min to work.
    Waterford Place - Decent and afordable

    I haven't seen these but they are affordable and in a safe area-
    Hampton Chase Apts
    The Hamptons at Woodland Point
    Mission Bellevue Ridge
    Blackstone, Fairmont and Lee apartments - Very close to vandy
    Westboro - I have heard good things and also very close to Vandy
    Park West at Hillwood - I have not seen these but one of our residents lives here and she really likes it.

    Hope this helps narrow down some options!
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    I got an interview in the critical care track. I have a 3.97 GPA in a BSN program. I am the Vice President of two on campus organizations. I worked to tutor nursing students my sophomore year. I have been a patient care technician for almost two years and had an externship in critical care this past summer. I am certain that my recommendations really helped as well, they each gave me a blank letter to distribute and they think very highly of me.

    I wish you luck in your future endeavors! And good luck to everyone who is doing the interview! I would have done the skype interview but I have already been offered a Critical Care Fellowship at a Level 1 Trauma Center in PA, which is less of a culture shock that Nashville (I am from NJ) and the pay is really good. I hope that you all get a position that makes you as happy as mine has made me Try not to be too nervous for your interviews!
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    @ Catie812 I'm from California too! I'm confused with having a CA license and applying for this program, any information??
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    Laura let me know if you want to meet up while your there and explore together!
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    I'm interviewing for the peds track. My date is set later in March, so don't be shy about posting tips or possible questions that might be asked during the interview!
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    @liljay272 I would love to, but I'm getting in Sunday night, leaving Monday right after my interview. Unfortunately I have classes on Tuesday
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    To all those who have interviews today, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Let us know how they go!
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    Hey friends!

    I just had my interview yesterday and we may as well help each other out...being nurses and all.

    Do what it says in the prep packet they sent and log your clinical experiences, experiences where you felt like you did really well, and experiences where you felt like you shat the bed (or your patient actually did). They want answers to certain questions in the EAR (event, action, response) format, so be prepared to go through exactly what you did in those steps when you're answering questions.

    Everyone I interviewed with was super nice and it actually felt really casual, I'm from a big east coast city so that was a huge 180 for me. We laughed and told jokes in my interview, and it sounded like the girl who went before me did too. So dont stress out! It's not too bad, but it is kind of hard to gauge how you did because I feel like they would be crazy friendly whether you did really well or you completely blew it.

    Good luck team!

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