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This thread is for those who are applying for the nurse residency program at Vanderbilt. I thought this would be a great place to keep up to date Inge selection process and make connections with new... Read More

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    I'm freaking out too!!!! This next two weeks are gonna suck!! Hopefully well find out by the 12th or 13th!!
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    I applied to the one with no preference. I hope I made the right decision. Which one did you apply for? Im glad im not the only one that picked med/surg!!! Do you think it will take two more weeks?
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    I sure hope not!!! That would be mid April though!
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    I hope they let us know by April 12th. I looked through last year's posts for this program and it seems that on April 12th pretty much everyone got an email with the decision. It's only 8 days away!!! A little nervous! I saw for the Winter 2013 cohort that began their training in January/feb they took roughly 50% of those who interviewed. About 24-28 spots for Pediatrics and Med/Surg track and less spots for other tracks. This waiting is killing me
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    jspb, where did you get the information about the 24-28 spots in peds? I know that 84 interviewed for peds total.
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    dying with suspense!
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    Me too!!!!!! Ugh
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    Same here!
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    I saw that info about spots in their January or February newsletter for nurses at Vanderbilt. Unfortunately I haven't been able to see that newsletter again since they seem to take it off and put up the new one for following month when it's time. It had a broken down column of how many initially applied, how many were interviewed, how many got in each track in the end. I realize that was for the Winter 2013 cohort but at least it's a semi reliable ballpark range to look at.
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    Nurse Residency Program (New Grads) - Current Nurse Residents
    If you click on each specialty name you can count the number of photos. There were 38 for the winter 2013 pediatric track.
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    So, if the program interviewed 80 people or so for peds, and they take around 40 per year, then we have close to a 50% chance of getting in after the interview?
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    hopefully! But they don't take the same amount of people each time. It just depends on their needs at the time. I wonder if it was 84 people that interviewed, because there wasn't anyone else there when I was. I guess there could have been a skype interview, but who knows.
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    So I have been reading everything trying to get some reassurance but nothing is working...I think it's making my anxiety worse. I saw there were only 4 women's health nurse residents last time. I keep running the I retire through my head and wanting to say something different or add things in....ugh. 2 more days and I hope to know something.