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I just mailed off my packet to Vanderbilt today! I'm so nervous and really hoping to get an interview for this program. Adult Critical Care is my first choice. I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN from Washington State... Read More

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    Hi alymoore87!

    When did you receive the email? I have heard anything. Every time I see that I have an email, I feel like I'm gonna barf. Hopefully, you get an interview. Where are you from?
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    I just got an email an hour ago about being wait listed for peds too =/ Hopefully we both get the chance to interview at some point!
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    Just got an email for interview for the peds tract... I have no idea how many applicants they're interview or waitlisting but don't lose hope yet! I won't be interviewing until a couple weeks from now but they offer a Skype interview for those who live >100 miles. Very nice perk.
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    Hey all!
    I just got an email saying I have an interview for the Peds track as well. Does anyone know when they make their decisions by? I have another RN interview for this week, but would obviously love to hear a good word from VanderBilt!
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    Hello everyone,
    First time posting to the site. I received an invite to interview for the adult critical care track today. I am very excited. From Phoenix.
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    I am from Michigan, i graduated from Michigan State two years ago and U of M's accelerated nursing program last month. Other people from peds, did you have volunteer expierence? I graduated with a 3.9 and am still wait listed. and if you get in you find out at the end of novemeber.
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    I'm pretty sure by the end of novemeber. Interviews go on through Novemeber 2nd
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    Alymoore87, I have worked with children for six years (4.5 years at Boston Children's). I wouldn't stand a chance applying to anything other than peds with my background. Peds is the only population I want to work with but it's actually been impossible to apply to anything but peds which limits my options. I have volunteer experience with children's relief for 3 years also!
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    alymoore87 I did not have volunteer experience in a hospital setting, but have worked as a Nursing Assistant for 5 years, and had an externship with adult Hem/Onc/BMT. I did have extensive volunteer experience in other areas, just not in a hospital setting.
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    Hey all!

    It's nice to see all the action on the thread! I have an interview for Adult Critical Care. Are all of you planning on flying down for your interview?