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I just mailed off my packet to Vanderbilt today! I'm so nervous and really hoping to get an interview for this program. Adult Critical Care is my first choice. I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN... Read More

  1. by   alohaakua
    My (semi-helpful)ADVICE FOR NEIGHBORHOODS TO LIVE IN: I lived in Nashville for a month this summer and got around a little so below is what I can say about the neighborhoods. Also I would find apartments in your price range, then check them out on, pay attention to how old the comments are and what they are complaining about. don't forget you can also look at the outside of the complex/house on Google street view.

    I lived in Antioch (where it seems most of the apartments are), it was about 20-30 min away from Vandy without traffic. Nashville is notorious for terrible traffic. Antioch is really hit or miss. There are some cute/nice streets right next to some sketchy ones. I wouldn't sign any leases without really seeing the place/area. The closer to the water, the better.

    I have heard (online) that East N'ville is bad, but I didn't go there and can't vouch for it either way.

    Brentwood/green Hills area is very nice (think luxury homes/condos), but also more expensive. If you can afford it, I would recommend this area.

    The area around Five Corners (look up cross streets S 10th St and Main St) is hipster/artsy. Not sure on prices, but it was a cute neighborhood to ride bikes around/walk.

    I also heard that the area around Fisk Univ (north of Vandy) is bad, but have not seen it and cannot vouch for it.

    I'll try to post more as I find out - good luck searching!
  2. by   tmendels
    Thank you alohaakua! That is helpful

    RNJoseph1908, how do you request a finger print card to be sent to you in the first place?

  3. by   cstark
    Wait, Nashville is notorious for bad traffic?!?! I'm from LA and was looking forward to no longer planning my life around rush hours (more like the entire morning and afternoon). I'm sure it's not as bad and it's not as big or spread out of a city, but this makes me a little sad.
  4. by   LaurenJonesRN
    Quote from tmendels
    Thank you alohaakua! That is helpful

    RNJoseph1908, how do you request a finger print card to be sent to you in the first place?

    Call the TN Board of Nursing and they will mail you the cards
  5. by   jlh386
    fortunately with our early or late schedules we should avoid the horrible traffic. I currently live in the cool springs area which is where brentwood and franklin meet. i pay about 1500 for a 2 bedroom. its about 20 min south of vandy. Really nice area right off of the highway. Lots of shops and places to eat around here. I'm never bored. There are cheaper places too. Check out the Farms at cool springs. That's where I live. There is also ashton brook. Alara cool springs. to name a few. I have heard that Antioch can be kind of sketchy to live but have not seen for myself! good luck all in the hunt!
  6. by   RNgaw57
    Quote from UTSN89
    I've been looking into rental houses in Nashville and have found nice options, for pretty cheap. Sooo if anyone is looking for a roommate, holler!! haha.
    I'm looking for roomies as well!!!
  7. by   jules_RN
    Quote from SpartyRN
    I'm looking for roomies as well!!!
    I am too!
  8. by   UTSN89
    I'm wanting to live in a house so I can bring my dog up to TN with me. She is well behaved and house trained. Soooo if anyone is cool with dogs or has a dog and wants to live in a house... (forgot to mention that previously--my bad!)
  9. by   RNgaw57
    I have not decided if house or apartment matters to me (more location)... But I am a dog lover! lol has anyone received a request for the Facebook group?
  10. by   UTSN89
    Yah, I just need a backyard haha. A safe location is definitely priority for me. I haven't received that yet... hoping it comes soon!!
  11. by   javelinj279
    Also, you can Google FBI form FD-258. It will pull up the same pdf form they mail to you from the bureau of health. The information that needs to be filled in can be found on the nursing boards website.
  12. by   adobbs2
    I'm having trouble finding most of you on Facebook. Add me: Ashley Dobbs Vantrease. I am in the peds track. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  13. by   emc0
    does anyone know how many people they accepted for the emergency nursing track?