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I just mailed off my packet to Vanderbilt today! I'm so nervous and really hoping to get an interview for this program. Adult Critical Care is my first choice. I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN... Read More

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    Hey.. Congrats on getting off the waitlist! What track did u apply for? My friend is on the waitlist for critical care and I hope she gets in!
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    Hey RNJoseph1908

    I got your private message but I cant reply because I don't have enough posts yet. Can you sent me your email address and I will send the reply to it with my contact info.
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    Tmendels I just submitted my application for licensure last week, hopefully it won't take very long! It was pretty straight forward but I'm still waiting on them to send me the fingerprint card so that I can complete that part. Let me know if you have questions!
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    Hey LMG RN... I got accepted into the adult surgery track.
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    I've been looking into rental houses in Nashville and have found nice options, for pretty cheap. Sooo if anyone is looking for a roommate, holler!! haha.
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    Eek am I the only one who hasn't applied for TN licensure yet?? Now I'm worried :/UTSN89 where are the houses? I've heard traffic/parking is terrible so I'm trying to find something in walking distance and not in the ghetto. Lol
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    Don't worry... I'm starting my licensure app this week for TN. I'm hoping 2 months should be sufficient time to get it.
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    Yikes! You guys are making me nervous! I haven't even taken NCLEX yet b/c I graduate on Dec. 18th. I'm hoping to have my examination request packet and app for licensure mailed in this week. I'm so nervous that this process is going to take forever. Is there anyone else who's going to be taking NCLEX in TN?

    UTSN89: I'm looking for roommate, too! Which area are the houses located in? Price ranges?
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    Hey USTN 89: If you find a house I'm down to rent out one of the rooms..
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    I'm renting a townhouse an 8 minute walk from the hospital, I will have an extra bedroom for a few months before my boyfriend moves up. If anyone is looking to stay for a month or a few months and help with rent just a bit let me know and I can send pics/the info
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    I am applying for the residency program for the summer of 2013. Currently I am in my last year of school at UCCS in colorado. My passion lies in critical care and eventually I would like to return to school for CRNA. I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice on how to get selected and what should be put in the letter of intent. Congrats to all who were accepted for the winter
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    Awesome! I have looked at a lot of houses in various areas. Rent for three people would be anywhere from $400-600. Give or take a little. I just wanted to find people willing to live there before I narrowed it down.
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    That's exciting! I am so jealous that you are in Colorado--so pretty! I just got accepted into the critical care track for winter 2013. I think my best advice would be to really iterate throughout your application why critical care is your passion. What made you decide to go into critical care? What have you done to show that this is your dream area of nursing? (ie. volunteering, working in the ICU, maybe shadowing a critical care nurse, or having your capstone in the ICU, etc.). Good luck to you! If you have any more questions, I would be more than happy to help!!
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