Vanderbilt New Grad Summer 2012

  1. With the January 27, 2012 deadline date coming up, I wanted to start a new thread on those applying and for the latest updated information as you get or hear about this new program: applying, waiting, etc. I want to also say "Good luck" to everyone!
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  3. by   heartNICU
    Good luck to you as well! Do you think we will hear something next week about interviews?
  4. by   loren27
    Got my email yesterday saying they recieved my package! Super excited. Does anyone know how many people they take?
  5. by   sternocleidomastoid
    I applied too. Currently stalking my email. lol. Crossing all body parts that can be crossed that I hear good news
  6. by   sternocleidomastoid
    What tracks are people applying to?
  7. by   heartNICU
    I applied for the Women's Health track. I'm also stalking my email and praying for good news in the next few weeks... the waiting is already killing me! Which track did you apply for?
  8. by   loren27
  9. by   nesha0307a
    i wish everyone the best of luck. i applied for the summer 2010 residency at vanderbilt for the critical care track. i am pretty close to a 4.0 student and have always been very successful in most everything that i do, so the thought of me not being selected never entered my mind. my application was timely, i had amazing references and just assumed that i was waiting on my interview date. sadly, i got an email saying that i was not selected for an interview....i didn't even make it past the first cut. i had no idea that graduates from all over the country apply to this program, not just local people to the nashville/middle tn area. i was heartbroken and i cried for 2 days...i even rescheduled my senior exit exam because i couldn't bear to leave the house. vanderbilt was my dream and i didn't really have any other alternatives in mind. long story short, i started working at one of my local hospitals the summer of 2010 and although i absolutely love my job, back in december i started to apply for positions at vanderbilt. happily, i just accepted a position in one of vanderbilt's icu units. i am sharing my story just to show that even if you do not get accepted into the nurse residency program, there is still hope. it doesn't mean that you aren't vandy just means that alot of people apply for the program. all you need is a year of rn experiance to apply for a job at vandy if you don't make it through the residency program selection. i am super excited to be joining the vanderbilt team...a dream come true. i truly wish all of you much success in your future careers, and hope you all make the cut for the program!
  10. by   armywife23
    Does anyone know when the application process for the next cohort would open?
  11. by   LizardRN,NMU
    Hey everyone!

    I'm getting incredibly anxious over recieving the next e-mail! I've applied to the Critical Care track.

    Good Luck to you all : )
  12. by   LizardRN,NMU
    @armywife23- I know that the last one was open in early September. And it began in January.
  13. by   JD1977
    I applied for the Adult Critical Care track. I received an email today stating that my application is complete and that I should receive another email with further instructions. Hoping for an interview
  14. by   gastro2012
    I applied for the psych track. I keep checking my inbox 1000 times a day waiting to hear anything!

    I overnighted my app to arrive on the last day and got an email later in the afternoon of the 27th saying they received my application package and that i would receive another email within the week confirming that my app was complete and with further instructions.

    I also know that interviews are supposed to be in Feb/March so hopefully we should hear soon.

    Anyone have any updated info? Its hard to be patient!