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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

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    Are any of you Germantown students in need of a roommate? I plan to live at Lincoln on the Green, which is only a few miles from campus. I figure that it might be more convenient to live with somebody else in the program. I have 2 indoor cats, Henry and Kitty, who are incredibly clean and friendly. I'm a really clean and organized person, so you don't have to worry about me, except during test time. Let me know, if you're interested!
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    Hey girl,

    Beware of living at Lincoln on the Green! I had a friend who moved there with her husband when they first got married and said it was a nightmare!! Apparently it's gotten pretty bad safety wise! I suggest looking into The Carrington on Houston levee or the Villas right across from the Carrington! My fianc and I live in the Carrington and it is absolutely wonderful! Never any problems and very quiet!!! It's gorgeous too! It's only a minute or two from Lincoln on the Green!
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    Oh wow, thanks for informing me, since somebody had told me otherwise. I'll look into those apartments. I'm aiming for under $600 a month, but if I must $650. This is why I need a roommate, hint hint
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    My fianc said the same thing when he was moving here but after we looked at 5 or 6 in that range he realized that nothing in this area for that price that we would feel 100% safe at! Check out www.apartmentratings.com ! It has a lot of reviews from people who actually live(d) in some of the apartments around here! It'll give you a better idea! I would definitely recommend finding a roommate and splitting the rent! My number one concern when looking for an apartment was safety! You really have to watch your back in some places!
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    Hey Tpayne! I applied for the new BSN program at UTHSC back in Jan. Monday, the assistant dean said they will announce admission decisions in may (a little late to me). But even if I get into UT I think I have already made up my mind... Union
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    UTHSC has a BSN program? I so wish that I had known that. So far I'm happy with my selection though. We will have our degrees sooner!
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    Yea it's new this year. Here is the link if anyone needs it: UTHSC: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
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    Thanks for the link Tinker! UTHSC has a DNP Neonatal program now. That is so exciting. I'm hoping that I won't be in too much debt to apply after graduating!
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    I would like to work with infants too!
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    Has anyone else applied for the Wells Fargo's MedCap loan? There is a 6 month grace period just like Stafford and the interest is around the same! I requested $40,000 because our program is about $35,000. That leaves some for books, uniforms, and other materials needed. If I need more I will use my savings and my hubby I'm just glad I have a plan now and I'm just ready to get started!!!
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    Hey Tinker thanks for posting about the MedCap loan I am going to look into it.
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    I got into UTHSC's BSN program, but I'm still sticking with Union!!!

    Here are my reasons for choosing Union University:
    1. Location is in a nice area of town
    2. Classes are very small and mentoring is available
    3. High pass rate (it's been 100%) on the NCLEX test
    4. Less traffic
    5. Good parking
    6. Christian foundation
    7. Terms instead of semester
    8. Curriculum eases you in to clinicals rather than jumping right in

    Cost is high (2x as UTHSC), but I didn't get a loan on my BS.ed so I think it's worth the experience to get one now!
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    Hi Everyone!
    I have been accepted into Union's Hendersonville campus for fall 2013. I am trying to decide if I should go to Union or go to University of Rochester. They are both great programs so I am having a really difficult time making a decision. Thank you for your list Tinker!!! If anyone has any advice or comments about either school let me know!