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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

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    Hey Tinker: I am of no help on this financial aid situation. I completely oblivious to how this all works.... haha. I didn't even file a FASFA for my undergrad. Anyway, as of now I have filed my FASFA and sent in the form to Union for Financial Aid and will simply wait for my Award Letter to see what I might need to do next. I have some 401k money I am going to tap into to essentially cover my Tuition, but then there is also Living Expenses. I am hoping to cover my needs with Stafford Loans only and not have to take a private loan as well... BUT I guess I will see what happens in the coming months.

    Does anyone know how long it might take to receive the financial aid package from Union? I noticed that my deposit confirmation letter stated they would now work on preparing it. But am guessing it will still be 4-8 weeks. Just curious if anyone knew. Thanks

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    I don't believe that you're allowed to use the Stafford loan for a 2nd undergraduate degree. If so, there's a limit on how much you can borrow. I already took out the max in Unsubsidized Stafford for my undergraduate in English, which was around 20K. However, don't take my word, give Union's financial aid office a call! I'm still a dependent on my parents and they are not considered to be in financial need, so it is difficult for me to find loans. It's especially difficult when you don't have a cosigner. That's why I'm applying to Wells Fargo.
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    Ask Kantro: What types of student aid are available for a second Bachelor's degree? - Fastweb

    Ohhh nevermind. I was googling and found this. I suppose the financial aid office at the University of Memphis was wrong. I had also applied there, but they acted like they wouldn't accept my MedCAP loan. Hopefully this means that I will have an additional 10k with Stafford at Union, since I only used around 20k. This is pleasant news for me. I hope Stafford provides you with the money you need, Tinker.
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    Thanks yall! I never took out a loan, but I did receive aid and the HOPE scholarship when I attended Memphis. I guess I'm confused how this process works out because I've never applied for a loan before. Hopefully I can get the loan. I'm just curious how much we can get since our program is accelerated with terms and not with regular semesters.

    This is what I found but I do not know how reliable the source is: There are some restrictions. For instance, there is a "cap" on federal (Stafford) loans. If you've used up your entire allowable amount, you're no longer eligible, whether it's your first degree or your second."
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    Yeah, the cap for me is around 30k. If you're an independent, it's 57k. If you're working and living on your own, I don't see why they won't give it to you.

    Stafford Loan Information | StaffordLoan.com

    "I'm just curious how much we can get since our program is accelerated with terms and not with regular semesters." That's a question that I've wondered about, as well.
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    I wish Union would send an information packet. I'd really like to know when the first day of classes are and when tuition is due. I heard from Union's financial aid office that it's best to wait 160 to 90 days, depending on the lender, before the date to apply for private loans. If any of y'all would like that email, I can forward it, as well. I'm trying to be patient, but it's difficult when you worry about finances.
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    I am so anxious too georgiapeachgal LOL!!! We have so many questions but all will work out and will be answered! I'm excited for orientation.
    Combs...I was trying to figure out what you sent them. Was it the Adult Student Application for Financial Assistance? Anyways, I had no idea we were to send that, but I stumbled across it online. Thanks! I'm putting mine in the mail since the stafford loan is considered "assistance" even if I do not get aid.
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    Me too! I plan to move to Memphis the beginning of July, so here's hoping that everything goes well. I'll have to pop that adult student application in the mail too. I didn't see it! Also - does anyone know when we have to get our CPR certifications? So many questions!!!
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    They should provide us with times and instructors. I have mine bc I was assigned to have it where I work but I can't find the certificate. I plan on doing it again anyway since it expires in a year.
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    That's great! I wasn't sure, because Memphis wanted that stuff ahead of time.

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