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TN State University (TSU) MSN Program or RODP Program

  1. 0 I'm starting the MSN - FNP program at TSU this month and am looking for current/former students to associate with! Let me know if you are currently in the program or are a recent graduate!
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    Best advice I can give you about TSU is to RUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN away!!! They have serious issues at that school. Word on the street is they will lose accreditation by Dec.
    Good luck!
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    Wish I had known what I know now. I had little to know advising and it was the most confusing process trying to get started. No one could give a straight answer on what courses I needed to take and when, what I was doing, or just plain any help at all, I go nothing. The person who is a Doctor and in charge of the RODP FNP program is completely worthless. I took Patho and Pharm over the summer and was so overwhelmed, now to find out because I got a 79% in Pharm I will have to re-take the course. I have never had a C in all my BSN or MSN. FYI if you live out of state apply for the e-rate tuition rate, no one told me about it and I wasted a lot of money on tuition I did not need to pay. If you have other options take them. I had no other options and it is too difficult to transfer at this point. I would love to hear what other problems people have with the school. I had not heard about the possibility of losing accreditation.
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    Anyone else with the TSU or RODP program that would like to comment?
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    Christie204, how is it going? Regrets? Pleased with the program? Please share your experience.
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    How many people do tsu accept for their nursing programs a year?