Students at MTSU?

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    Hello! I have been studying this site for months now, and I have been trying to figure out which path to take for my Nursing dream. I have considered LPN, RN, then LPN or RN to BSN then to MSN... after months of stressing over what I should do, I decided just to pursue a BSN at MTSU.I'm a single mom, and I plan on taking out student loans so I can concentrate on school and raising my baby. I was curious though, have any of you either been in or are in the Nursing program at MTSU? How is/was it? Any experiences or advice offered is greatly appreciated! & if anyone recommends a school elsewhere in Middle TN, let me know! :redpinkhe Thanks so much.
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  3. by   gbj2b
    I personally have never been in the nursing program at MTSU. However, I have friends there trying to get in it. It's very competitive. You don't automatically get into it. You have to basically take classes that you would need for nursing and compete to get in with your grades.There are lots of people trying to get into it. Some even change their major, because it's not worth the wait. It might have changed this year, but as far as I know it's been like that for the past 2 years.
  4. by   plus_sign
    I'm a 4th semester student currently in the nursing program at MTSU (graduating in December 2010). I cannot give this program enough kudos. With the exception of one instructor who no longer is teaching there, I can truly say that each instructor is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and caring about you as a student, human being, and nurse. Getting in is very difficult, especially because your ACT score is factored in. After you get in, the first semester has sort of a weed-out class, like a lot of programs, and also med-surg in the 3rd semester is EXTREMELY taxing... We started with 75 students and are probably down to about 50 because of the failures, but these results are not normal. Usually I think 10-15 students don't make it to graduation.

    Anyway, I highly highly HIGHLY recommend the program. I've gotten so much out of it. Even when life is treating you unfairly, your instructors genuinely care for your well-being and only want to see you succeed. I'm very impressed with how knowledgeable the instructors are, particularly in med-surg and critical care. We have a running joke in class that its virtually impossible to stump our instructors with nursing-related questions.

    I hope this helps.
  5. by   mrsfancy
    Thanks for the information regarding MTSU. I am interested as well in entering the BSN program next year. I have completed all of my pre-req with an overall 2.8 GPA. Do you know how much weight the GPA carries? I am nervous that I don't have a high GPA and I will sit on a waiting list (which I cannot afford to do). Also, I completed A/P I and II online through RODP. I see MTSU is affiliated so they should transfer. Have you heard of any other students taking RODP courses and receiving credit? Again any light you can shed will be greatly appreciated.
  6. by   loki3981
    I took my pre-reqs at MTSU but was very discouraged by the nursing department the whole time I was in contact with them. I already have a BS and took A&P my senior year of college for "fun." Yes, I know better now. I was told that it would be a cold day in he11 the day I got into the program and it was better for me to scrap my BS totally (called Fresh Start) and begin all over again. Thank you, but no. I applied to a couple of other nursing programs in the area and am starting in the fall.

    I did enjoy my A&P classes at MTSU though. There is a fabulous lab prof there that is a former nurse that is tough, but fair. A lot of students don't like her because she's so tough, but I felt that I learned a lot more from her.

    Good luck!!
  7. by   mrsfancy
    Congratulations on starting the program in the fall. Do you mind me askingwhat other schools you applied to and their process (easy or hard).

    Thanks and again congratulations!
  8. by   loki3981
    Quote from mrsfancy
    Congratulations on starting the program in the fall. Do you mind me askingwhat other schools you applied to and their process (easy or hard).

    Thanks and again congratulations!

    I ended up applying to Columbia State and Motlow. Both application processes were fairly simple. Just basically send in the required information at the required time. Motlow requires you take the HESI and basis their choices off of that and gpa. Columbia State requires things sent in during a specific month and wants everything back to your ACT/SAT score.

  9. by   bkjohnson21
    I am applying for spring 2011. Any suggestions on what to study for on the HESI? Also, tell me more about the GPA and where you stood when accepted. I know that they will not accept anyone who has repeated ANP if they made a grade below C you can't be accepted. My gpa is a 3.2/3.3 and I have a 23 ACT. I have the extra .5 for work experience in a nursing home. What are my chances on getting in?
  10. by   watchme
    what kind of questions do they ask at the interview?
  11. by   Rensoul
    Currently I am 3rd semester at MTSU. I was the last class to have the GPA and ACT used as a basis for entry. Yes it is extremely competitive, but it is doable. When I was admitted I had a 3.2 GPA and a composite score of 25 for the ACT.

    Now they do an interview format combined with the results from the HESI. I'm not sure what kind of questions they ask.

    All of the instructors there are great (even the ones I didn't care for, I learned something from them), and they are all passionate about what they are doing.

    As another person said on another thread, MTSU is a highly regarded program in this area, as is Belmont. Your instructors are bound and determined to mold you into a competent, caring, and well rounded nurse by the time you graduate.

    Hope this helps

  12. by   MrFantastic
    How many students are there per class in the nursing program
  13. by   Rensoul
    Depends on which class & which semester. The acceptance rate right now is 64 per semester. Usually you have some that fail their one class that come back, in addition to others that have had to take leave & then come back. Currently our 4th semester class is the biggest they've had (they had to offer Critical care in the summer to accommodate all the students for clinicals). We had had 80 students in class last semester during med-surg & Women's Health (L&D & Maternity). Are you thinking off attending? If so shoot me a pm & I will be happy to answer any questions I have.

  14. by   plus_sign
    Just checking back in >1 year later... I've now been an RN for 6 months and I felt MTSU helped me immensely. I am now practicing on a floor of a hospital where it is almost unheard of for new grad nurses to start, and I really couldn't have done it without the cut-above-the-rest education I got at MTSU, seriously. I know it is based on the person, but any new grads from other area schools have been more "lost" and less able to adapt than MTSU grads that I have spoken to and that I've worked with.