Nashville State CC Nursing Program Fall 2012 - page 12

just wanted to start a thread for those who just applied for the fall. last year's seemed successful. i turned in my app back in february. i've heard that interview letters will go out this month. anybody else have any info?... Read More

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    Just got it in the mail today and I am in my GPA was a 3.554

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    Oh my gosh!!!!! Can't wait to know if I got in!!!!! Congrats to those who got yes!!! I'll let everyone know ASAP!
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    nothin yet =\ im worried bc my adress was wrong before, i didnt even get my interview letter the only reason i even knew i had an interview was because i called! im callin them monday to make sure!
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    I got in!!!!!! So excited right now!!!!!!
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    My GPA is a 4.0. Forgot to put that, sorry! Don't stress.. Could get it Monday, too. You know how mail goes sometimes! Crossing fingers for all of you! You all seem like a great group of girls!
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    I still haven't gotten a letter- anyone else?
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    For those who got in, did u apply as a nursing student when declaring ur major or did u apply as a prenursing major and once u completed the prereqs u applied for the 2 yr Rn program? Im tryn to figure out why there is only fall admission and not a spring option to apply
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    Quote from Bird5471
    I still haven't gotten a letter- anyone else?
    Nope no letter and I called all day yesterday with no reply so I went up there this morning and she pretty much told me that there could still be letter going out up until the first day of classes because some people may decline or whatever so she couldnt give me a yes or a no but she said I didnt get a letter mailed this first go round Im guessing from what I understood..oh well, I already registered for my classes for August, Early Childhood Education was my plan B because if I cant get into a nursing program Im going to eventually get certified to be a child life specialist. So heres hoping by some miracle I DO get in but if not oh well life goes on good luck to those still waiting and congrats to those who made it!
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    I assumed that everyone was getting a letter that said yes, no or wait-listed? I haven't rec'd a letter yet. I feel NSCC would let us know, at least. I know one person who did get a wait-listed letter and a few who have rec'd acceptance letters.

    --- Maybe our mailmen are just slow. I have a plan B also. I just feel that NSCC should let us know, either way.
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    Are Ashley and I the only ones who have applied to other programs?? Just curious. I applied to TSU as well. Their letters should be sent end of this week or beginning of next.

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