Memphis questions

  1. 0 Hi -

    Considering a move to Memphis area, from rural South Mississippi.

    I have 3 questions:

    Does your facility pay extra for a certified geriatric nurse?

    Do any Memphis area hospitals have geri-psych units?

    What Nursing Home has the best reputation in the area, best management, pt. care, and employee morale?
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    I work for a facility called the Memphis Jewish Home. It is a five star facility located in Cordova and it is one of the BEST for nursing home employment. Check it out.
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    I am not from Memphis, but my boss is. He is our administrator now at our nursing home, but he used to be administrator at a huge home in Memphis. I asked him your question, and he said the Jewish home was known to be the best on all levels.
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    Delta Medical Center has a Geriatric-Psych Unit and I believe St. Francis does too.
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    I agree with the above poster...Memphis Jewish Home is top notch. I work in an ER, and while there are some nursing homes that I wouldn't send my dog to, I actually don't mind getting patients from MJH at all. The residents and staff all seem very content, and the patients appear to be extremely well cared for.

    St. Francis has a geri-psych floor, I know. But I think they are on a hiring freeze right now...the staff is all very uneasy concerning the 'state of the union' so to speak.
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