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I am applying to the University of Memphis Loewenberg School of Nursing for the spring of 2011. Right now I am taking some pre-requisite courses and by the time I send in my application I will have a... Read More

  1. by   jrgodsey21
    Quote from msturn1975
    I think too if you have a login in for My Memphis, you will be able to see if you have been accepted too.
    Waiting patiently as well! Do you happen to know where on MyMemphis? I tried to look and can't find it
  2. by   kwhitworth425
    I called yesterday afternoon and they said they were still working on it.

    As far as MyMemphis....login on the MyMemphis webpage and click the Students tab. Go to the Registration Tools box in the middle of the page. Click on Registration Status. Then click Submit for the Spring 2011 sememster. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to where it has Current Program. Mine still says Pre-Nursing. That's the best I can figure out. Hopefully that will change soon!
  3. by   jrgodsey21
    Thanks for the help! I just checked and mine still says pre -nursing, loewenberg School of Nursing. Can not wait to get the letter or the undated status, whichever comes first haha
  4. by   lrodgers25
    Just to let y'all know it will not be posted on your mymemphis account. Your decision will be mailed to you.
  5. by   msturn1975
    Yeah, as I have said before they will be mailed to you, but also on your student account it will be changed in your student info once you are accepted. I did not mean to say that is where you should look to see if you were accepted. You will get a letter first-as I have called the school to verify a few weeks ago.
  6. by   jrgodsey21
    I knew that much! Just thought maybe by chance it would come up on mymemphis first (wishfull thinking). It doesn't matter now because I just got my letter and got accepted! HUGE relief.
  7. by   sdobbins
    Yeah I got it!!! see ya in the spring!!!
  8. by   kwhitworth425
    I got mine today! Yay! Congrats to everyone!
  9. by   msturn1975
    I received my letter today as well. Can't wait to meet eveyone. Let the games begin!
  10. by   TenJen
    Hey there, Jennifer here. I was also accepted to U of Mem/Lowenberg.
    Congrats to everyone. I have a dilemma, was wondering if anyone could give me some insight..I was also accepted to East Tennessee State and am trying to make a decision on which school I should attend.. U of Mem or ETSU...?
    Does anyone know if we will be able to attend, do clinicals during Summer months at either university?
    my goal is to finish ASAP while still enjoying the process...any insight will be appreciated....I am very happy for everyone who got in - I know you are all relieved! I was soooo relieved b/c there have been so many applicants at all the schools... take care, Jennifer
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  11. by   msturn1975
    Hey Jennifer, I am Shane. All I know is that you can't fast track until fall term and there are only certain classes you can take in the summer. To be a 100% sure, I would contact your appointed advisor or Sheila Hall. Congratulations to you wherever you go.
  12. by   TenJen
    Hey Shane. Thank you for your reply and the information you provided. Congratulations to you as well. I know it has been a long haul getting to this point for everyone! I hope you have a great experience in school and your career.
    See you at the orientation for LSON. My advisor at ETSU emailed me this morning saying congrats and that my GPA was the cut-off! WOW - so close! Mine was a 3.63. These schools are really getting competitive. Have a great day!
  13. by   kwhitworth425
    Where is everyone getting your CPR cert? I want to get mine done ASAP! I know in the paperwork that we got with our acceptance letters there were a couple of listings. I don't really want to drive all the way to Southaven but I do like the idea of getting my card that day though.