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I am applying to the University of Memphis Loewenberg School of Nursing for the spring of 2011. Right now I am taking some pre-requisite courses and by the time I send in my application I will have a GPA of 3.1. The required GPA... Read More

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    WOW! That's good to hear. I had no ideas LSON graduates were overtrained. How so? I'm applying for the accelerated program for the Fall of 2012.

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    My email addy is mblair@memphis.edu. Feel free to contact me!
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    I am applying for Spring 2013 at Lowenberg School of Nursing at the University of Memphis. I could have applied this time, but I didn't get a chance to schedule to take the TEAS before all the spots were full (LOOOONG STORY). I have a 3.56 right now. I have taken all the pre-req's does anyone know if my GPA is good enough to apply and get in or should I use the summer to maybe raise it if possible? Just curious! ANY advice is greatly needed. I will be a transfer student from Dyersburg State Community College. I just want to get into LSON because I know it is a great program! I want the best for my self and career as I'm sure all of you do too!
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    I applied for the Fall 2012 accelerated program...does anyone know when admission decisions will be sent out? Best of luck to all of you!
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    Quote from ABSNhopeful2012
    I applied for the Fall 2012 accelerated program...does anyone know when admission decisions will be sent out? Best of luck to all of you!
    You should hear something Mid-Late March. I think I found out last year around March 16-18. Good luck!
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    You'll get in no problem with that GPA. And don't worry about the TEAS...get the study book and go over it, especially know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.
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    I got my acceptance letter into the Fall 2012 program today!! Cannot tell you how relieved and excited I am. Any one else hear any news?
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    Woo hoo! Just got notified yesterday that I have been accepted! I can't wait to get on with it!
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    I was wondering if you're the same "abdutchie" who was wait listed for the Spring 2012 semester? If so, did you just reapply for the Fall term? I don't mean to pry, but I'm on the wait list for Fall 2012 and was wondering about how the whole wait list process worked out for someone. Thanks!
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    hey everyone, i currently live in atlanta and will graduate with an english degree in the spring. i'm hoping that i will have a gpa above 3.6. i scored a 27 on the act, so i'm not terribly worried about the teas. however, could anyone give me advice about the exam? i plan to study for it this upcoming semester and i already have a study guide. which guides would you suggest? i've narrowed my choices to the university of memphis and union university's germantown campus. if i apply to the university of memphis, i will need to take a 3 credit hour nutrition class, but it will be in progress during my application. will they not accept my application until i've completed it? i'm sure the registrar could answer my questions, but i'm curious what you all have to say. union university is awfully expensive.

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