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jobs in nashville?

  1. 1 Hello. I am thinking of going back to school to get a second degree in nursing. As of now, I am looking into getting my ADN from Aquinas College. Does anyone know if the local hospitals in Nashville (Vandy, St. Thomas, Baptist, etc) are hiring ADN grads? I do not want to invest in an ADN if I can not get a job in a hospital. Any info would be helpful.

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    I graduated from Aquinas a few years ago. My classmates got jobs at Vanderbilt, Saint Thomas and Baptist and other hospitals. Cant imagine it would be different now.
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    They're always hiring for new RN's. Most hospitals, however, want you to have your BSN before applying.
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    Don't believe it. There are TONS of nurses with BSN's that don't know what to do with a blue baby that's not breathing. The only time you need to be concerned is if you apply for a management position - which you don't want anyway. Most always you can make more money as a "worker bee". Anyway, some jobs will say BSN preferred, but that's never ever been an issue. Most ADN programs are actually more concentrated hands on and turn out better clinically prepared nurses than the more heavily academic BSN programs. When faced with a situation that requires quick critical thinking, are you going to stand there and write a paper or take action and appropriately intervene. BSN is a formality, not a requirement.