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Calling all Southwest Tennessee Community College 2012 Fall Hopefuls - page 10

The deadline to apply is February 1, 2012. How many are applying? I thought I would start a thread so we can all wait together, and get to know each other. I finished my special application today... Read More

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    Hey probably is good news we haven't heard. For the previous post...consider East Arkansas Community College...their deadline is May 1st, as is Baptist...but there's a big difference in price. Southwest is my only choice at this point as I've just had daughter # 3 admitted to law school...and we simply can't afford any more tuition, and we are trying to keep everyone out of debt. (and I'm too old to create debt) It is so discouraging...I simply can't believe we haven't heard. I forgot my phone this morning...and...was convinced the calls would be today...wondering if I'd have the opportunity to call back. This is absoluely crazy..but, there is some comfort that we all feel the same way. Couldn't ask for a better bunch of classmates!
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    this is why I am willing to take the extra year and half at baptist. everything runs so much smoother and the staff is always there to help in the best way possible. less stress...Ill take it!!!!!!
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    I too have two children in college and we have no student loans yet. I would love to transfer to baptist but I dont have the extra $$$ or the extra years to finish. I have been considering applying though just to see what happens.
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    I just received an e mail from the head of the nursing department stating calls will start on Monday the 16th and will continue the duration of the week.
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    Another week of waiting, really?
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    Yeah, one more week to wait. I sent an email last night to the Southwest President, and received a reply from Mrs. V____. She told me it is a long and tedious task to check everything in each applicants file. However, at least I know when to expect a call regarding my status. Hope my last two posts give some relief to the others on this website, who are as aggravated as I am.
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    Hard to imagine that it takes a WHOLE week to make 60 phone calls! Thanks for the update...I am going to accept @ Baptist and Northwest...and do something awlful...retract if I get into affordable SW...screwing programs that have treated me fairly and making other students squirm unnecessarily. Doesn't make me feel good over-all! Aggravates my last nerve...that they have left us in this position...knowing other schools have deadlines. Good luck everyone.
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    Not trying to be ugly but I believe northwest and southwest are the same price but it seems you have several opportunities and I missed getting in northwest by 1 point and am pretty sure hanging on the edge to get in at southwest I know that you have worked hard as well as myself but put yourself in the shoes of those who don't have as many options as you ... Like I said I don't mean to seem rude
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    Save your breath annae. If some people can't wait, how will they make it once they're in the program? Thats the real challenge. They said april no exact date. Spazzing will get u no where but making hasty bad emotional decisions. Everyone wooo-saaa! Praying for us all!✌❤💃💃
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    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having a lot of anxiety about this!! Someone told me rejection letters had been sent out but then she corrected herself and said she couldn't tell me that because she wasn't sure. I feel like they are being so secretive about everything!! Its just unrealistic to think that if the rejection letters have been sent that not one person on this thread received one I wish we could all make it, but I think they must go out at the same time (the calls and the letters) I'm so terrified. this is my third try. I've never applied anywhere else. I raised my micro grade from a C to an A. I have a 4.0 just praying it's enough. I need this so much. Good luck to everyone! And don't give up! if this is what you really want it doesn't matter how many rejections you get work hard and keep trying!!!!!!
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    Something funny ....I paid my cellphone bill two months in advance I'm not missing that call for nothing!!!! 😂😂
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    The call will come and if we did the work we will make the cut. I for one am just excited to see if my hard work paid off.
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    No offense taken Annae2012...Baptist is really too expensive for our family and (northwest) aka...East Arkansas CC is still 40 minutes over the bridge...I got into East Arkansas Community College in Forrest City last fall...just didn't want the drive. You are right SW and northwest are pretty much the same, my mistake. My whole point...and I'm sure it is not just me....what a crappy place to leave us....when other schools seem to have admission policies in place that leave a student time for quality which is the best program that I can figure out a way to afford. I'm sure everyone on this thread has worked their butts off...missed kids stuff...lost sleep/or not slept a night before an exam...etc. We all deserve to get in...and I pray we do!

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