Calling all SOUTHWEST Tennessee Community College Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!! - page 14

Hi! I'm going crazy in suspense waiting to hear if I am accepted or not. Is anyone else trying for the fall 2011 semester at Southwest Tennessee Community College? How are ya feeling? :uhoh3: I'm sweating bullets! Need some... Read More

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    Hi guys,
    How is the summer going? Who is doing your medical form, I don't have a doctor I go to, do you have any recommendation, have you ordered your uniform yet?

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    I haven't been on here in a while and it looks like a few of you made some posts since then. It's good to see a little activity to remind me that you guys are still around.

    Well, I can't remember you coming in late. I was the tall bald guy, that should narrow it down in a room full of women. I do look forward to meeting you all.

    I'm not sure who will do my physical. I heard that walgreens does some through a nurse pract. Does anyone know if Southwest would take that?
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    Hi everyone,

    Im new to the site my friend just told me about it. Im attending the Fall 2011 semester. Congrats to everyone who got accepted
    My TBA Dosages class days are now posted. The days conflict with my foundations class. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    I'm going online to look @ it now! I've been checking periodically, but haven't in a few days. Why would they schedule any of the D&S classes @ the same time as foundations-there's only 2 Foundations classes, right?

    grpman-did we take med term together this past spring semester?
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    The foundations MT 12:30-2:30 conflicts with dosages T 12:30-2:00. I dont know why it's scheduled that way. Ill have to call and see what's goin on.

    No, I have not taken med term but plan on doing so.
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    Hello everyone! I'm still waiting for my Foundations clinical day TBA. I just checked & it's the only one remaining w/o a day. I can't wait to meet everyone.
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    @girlshunt2-I took statistics this past spring so it must have been someone else.

    I am curious about my tba dosages class now that the issue has come up. I hope my classes don't overlap too. But, we'll see and I'm sure they will correct it.
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    I was able to get the mon-thurs from 9am-11 am. Have you guys started buying your books?
    @ grpman and girlshunt2 is med term class a requirement? Have you been able to do your physical?
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    If med term is a req. then this is the first I know about it. And nope I haven't done my physical, bought books, nor ordered my scrubs. How mainy uniforms are you guys buying? Just curious.
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    Well, I just checked and neither my D&S nor Clinical has been scheduled-still TBA...

    Medical terminology is not a required class. I just took it last semester to fill in, so I'd be full-time. Having previously taken A&P, it was an easy A, but I will say, it was a great refresher, and I'm glad I took it. It was kind of like a "medical Latin" class, and provided a different approach to learning the terminology. I enjoyed it.

    I haven't bought any books, nor have I ordered my uniform. Has anyone had a chance to go try them on? Wondering how they fit. I've been told to just order one, since we only have clinicals once a week, you have plenty of time to wash them... clinicals are the only time we wear them, correct?

    I, guess I do need to get in gear. Still have to do CPR class, too. Anyone else ready to do it-maybe we could schedule it together...? The summer is going by so fast!!!

    I'm excited, but starting to get a little nervous!!! :spin:

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