Calling all SOUTHWEST Tennessee Community College Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!! - page 14

Hi! I'm going crazy in suspense waiting to hear if I am accepted or not. Is anyone else trying for the fall 2011 semester at Southwest Tennessee Community College? How are ya feeling? :uhoh3: I'm... Read More

  1. by   Memphish
    Yes, just checked. It was sent today at 5:53.
  2. by   grpman
    I was looking over my notes from orientation and saw that we needed to read the handbook, fill out page 56 and beyond, and take a quiz on it the first day of classes. However, I didn't write down where to find this handbook. Someone let me know how to find it. Thanks.

    And I was surprised, I only met one person from the site at orientation. I'll have to meet the rest of you in class. Good luck.
  3. by   Memphish
    @grpman - Originally they said the handbook would be on PAWS, but PAWS is down until the night before the first day of class. When asked about this, they stated they would try to email the handbook to everyone. At least, that is what I remember. I haven't gotten an email yet.

    I didn't meet anyone from here, but then again I didn't ask either. Being one of the few guys in there, I wouldn't be hard to pick out.
  4. by   girlshunt2
    Hey everyone... I registered... MT 12:30 Foundations, M 9a D&S, and W clinical. 80061, 82836, 80096. I haven't received an email about the handbook either. Can't believe its already time... wow.
  5. by   grpman
    Thanks for the heads up Memphish.
  6. by   mamadeux
    Finally got to register they classes I wanted were not available but I will work with what I have and I have clinical on Friday. My books have started arriving, reality is setting in, I will make sure I enjoy my last weekend before classes, hope the same for you.
    Don't forget with SW once you register you have to pay immediately if not you get purged out of the system.
  7. by   girlshunt2
    What's the deal on the varicella vaccine? The school is requiring NEW students, but what is the nursing school requiring? I've had chicken pox but how in the heck do you prove it besides titers? And I was told titers can take a week. What to do??
  8. by   Memphish
    I'm not sure, since I didn't take the time to research it. Those born before 1980, don't need it. For once, being older has an advantage.
  9. by   mamadeux
    How are classes going for you ?
  10. by   aaanders2020
    ok, Im going crazy...will you help me. I have a 120 on NLN A in ap1 B in ap2 and micro and a 3.39 gpa. Im applying for spring 2012... what are my chances?????
  11. by   grpman
    Well, if anyone stills checks this....Hooray! One semester down. Then I think to myself....oh no....3 more to go.
  12. by   Memphish
    Congrats to you and all who made it through the first semester. Looking forward to the next 4 weeks of relaxation.
  13. by   mamadeux
    Hope everyone is enjoying their break! I am , school starts next week, trying not to think about it? what class are you taking first adult health or OB?