teletriage nursing

  1. I too have been presented with teletriage nursing (from home) I have been bedside nursing in ER, ICU and Palliatve care for 9 years. I am burnt out from bedside nursing. Currently in a surgical icu at present and am not genuinely happy there
    Any comments from teletriage nurses from home please!
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  3. by   MA Nurse
    Hi ERRN88. This board has been way too inactive. Glad to see you here. I have been a telephone triage nurse for almost 2 years. I worked in NICU for the previous 25 years. I think you have a great background working in ER to do triage. This job is similar to being an ER nurse, but over the phone. I don't work at home, but thought I would reply. i don't think the home telephone triage positions pay as well as a bigger corporation however. you can PM me with any questions.
  4. by   Proverbs16:24
    I"m a newbie in the nursing field and love direct patient care and do volunteer work. My mother is a case manager and works at home. I have shadowed my mom and do like what she does but the job has no direct patient care, but will give working from home a chance and still volunteer in the community. I truly value family time and self care as well.